Spiritual guide through Barcelona

Paulina Kulczycki | Live the World

November 23, 2022

One thing that always attracted me so much about Barcelona (and finally made me move there) is the spiritual vibe about it. In no other city in Europe I experienced such an open-mindedness and connectedness to the Spiritual. This not only reflects on the lifestyle and mentality within the city, but also on the depth and connection in many magical encounters you have while living here. Barcelona is one of the few places in the world that makes me feel like travelling, without actually moving – at least not physically. My soul though is constantly in movement in Barcelona. Not in a restless sense, but a flourishing, growing sense. I’m mentally travelling through meeting beautiful souls from all around the world, getting inspired by their thoughts, ideas and free minds. As a Yoga teacher I’m always drawn to the spiritual scene and want to share with you my personal insights and insider tips. Here’s a spiritual guide through Barcelona that will hopefully give you the chance to connect, experience, contemplate and simply be.

Yoga scene (indoor and outdoor)

Barcelona is one of Europe’s capitals for Yoga. Therefore, you’ll find a huge offer in diverse and creative Yoga courses, whether in beautiful studios or in astonishing outdoor locations. The most popular location for outdoor Yoga is probably the Parc de la Ciutadella. You’ll find donation-based Yoga classes almost every day of the week – Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Acro Yoga and many other styles are taught here in-between trees, street musicians and relaxing people, who are enjoying a calm moment in this otherwise dynamic city. There are also many Yoga classes taught on rooftops, in the Parc Güell or the famous Bunkers del Carmel for the sunrises or on the beach for the sunsets. One of the most impressive outdoor Yoga sessions in Barcelona though, is taking place in the amphitheatre Grec (near the Montjuïc) with an orchestra playing live music during a Rocket Yoga class. If you rather prefer doing Yoga in the calmness of an indoor location, there’s one out of many studios in Barcelona that clearly stands out: The Garage. Located in the district Poble Sec, the Garage is incredibly stylish with high ceilings, lots of white thick raw stone and pastels. It’s one of those studios that are already in itself an experience and oasis. The offered classes include Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, taught by highly experienced teachers that are able to accommodate everyone from beginners to the more experienced.

Barcelona Yoga Conference

The Barcelona Yoga Conference is a world-famous Yoga-Festival, bringing together the best international Yoga teachers, musical artists and amazing vegetarian food! It’s almost like a peaceful parallel universe for five days every year, since 2010. During those five days you can experience over 20 different styles of Yoga and witness world-leading teachers and spiritual musicianschanting and kirtans are actually a big part of the Barcelona Yoga Conference (well, they’re a big part of Yoga in general as it’s understood in the traditional sense). If you’re too broke to afford a ticket, you can apply to get one of the 108 so-called scholarships (108 is a magical number in Yoga by the way). Some scholarships cover 100% of the ticket and others 50%. You simply have to share your story and explain why you’d deserve to get one of those scholarships. Otherwise, you can also attend the many free events, like daily Yoga classes, kirtans and kids activities. There’s also the BYC Village with a free access, where you find over 40 stands with vegetarian food, juices and smoothies, clothing, jewellery and Yoga accessories. A true Yogi’s paradise!

Full Moon Meditation on the beach

Besides the Yoga scene, there’s also a big offer in meditation and other spiritual activities in Barcelona. One of my favourite monthly events is the full moon meditation on the beach in Bogatell. Throughout this magical session you’ll do different breathing techniques (Pranayama) to raise your level of consciousness to go beyond the limit of the human mind. You’ll be encouraged to enter a deep contemplation about yourself and enter your emotional body and your true self. The full moon meditation is free and a meeting point for a diversity of people, all with individual stories and different paths, coming with the same intention: spiritual growth and world peace.

Cacao Ceremony in Grácia

Grácia in general already spreads a very spiritual vibe. You’ll notice loads of esoteric shops in the streets, many Yoga studios, vegan cafés and the smell of incenses. I’d say, if there’s a place where magic happens in Barcelona, it’s in Grácia. And that’s exactly what occurs during the Cacao Ceremonies of Amrita Cacao. This new project creates a unique experience of spirituality. Supported by the guidance of the plant medicine Cacao (they say cacao is the food of the Gods and eternal love), you’ll be taken into a sweet inner journey to the roots of your being. Live music and visual art will additionally create a truly marvellous experience that will guaranteed be unforgettable. You have to know – I’m a sweet tooth... I love cacao anyway, but those blissful cacao ceremonies really bring out a new understanding of chocolate!

With this spiritual guide through Barcelona you should be able to connect to the local scene and feel the spiritual connectedness and magic of this metropolitan city. Namaste!

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