Spend a night in a treehouse near Trenčín

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Having a treehouse where you can hide and play was a childhood dream for many of us. Now it can become a reality! You can spend a night in an atypical treehouse hotel in the woods near Trenčín, Slovakia. Experience a romantic getaway, play hide and seek or just relax and get a break from the hectic world. 

Philosophy behind the project

People these days work way too much, which causes a lot of stress and tension, so it is vital to slow down once in a while and relax your body and soul. The philosophy behind the treehouse hotel is to go back to nature and spend a night surrounded by trees, in a place where there is no wi-fi, no cell-phone service and no electricity. Plus wouldn't it be nice to be the only guest? It is just you and animals living in the woods. Doesn't that sound perfect? Besides, the owners of the hotel are very cautious about our beloved nature, so everything about this hotel is as eco-friendly as it can be. There were no trees cut down while building the hotel, and the hotel doesn't interfere with the trees or other surroundings. It is made from wood, so it blends perfectly and inside of the treehouse, you can find your second home; small and simple, but very cosy.

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Know before you go

It is not recommended to spend a night in a treehouse during the winter when it is snowing because of safety reasons; and since there is no electricity, you can get cold quickly. Therefore, the best time to go is sometimes between March and November (depending on the weather). If you decide to visit the treehouse during the colder months, warmer clothes are necessary, but the kerosene heater will be available for your maximum comfort. There is no proper shower or flushing toilet at the property. But don't worry, your basic needs will be met, there is a dry toilet outside the treehouse and inside the treehouse, you will find a jar of water where you can wash your hands, brush your teeth, etc. Near the treehouse, you can find a little stream, but the water is not recommended for drinking. The treehouse can accommodate up to 4 persons, but kids under the age of 5 are not allowed.

© Facebook/treehouse.sk

What to bring

Always check the weather forecast and dress accordingly, remember that nights tend to be chilly -approximately 10C colder than days. There is no electricity on the spot, so make sure you charge your phone and all the other devices before you go, or bring a power bank with you. But, the main point of this unusual hotel is to get a break from the modern world, so I am sure you won't use your cell phone that much anyway. Bring enough food and drinking water with you. However, you don't have to worry about your breakfastBreakfast is included in the price, and you can pull out the pole from your treehouse and bring up a basket full of goodies like coffee, tea, bread and butter and many more — everything from local farmers. I would recommend bringing a good book with you as well that you didn't get the time to read. Otherwise, everything you might need will be in your treehouse.

© Facebook/treehouse.sk

A night in a treehouse will be definitely an experience to remember. Pack all the necessities and get ready for an adventure. It can be a night in nature for adults who want to take a break and enjoy the peace and quiet, a romantic getaway or a playground session for the little ones. Besides breathtaking views and this unusual accommodation option, the Trenčín region in Slovakia offers many activities suitable for all ages.

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