Spa relaxation in Valencia

In a city packed with colour, culture and life, sometimes you need to find places where you can slow down a bit. Travelling is not all about moving and energy, and it should also be about relaxation, escape and appreciating the world. I’ve written about some of the best places to take photos in Valencia, some beautiful natural beauty in Valencia as well as where to eat in Valencia, and Indian flavours in Valencia. Keep reading to see where you can get away from all the Spanish energy and party vibes and find some peace.

Sunset spot...

The SH Valencia Palace Hotel has a completely envy-inducing location, and I don’t think that any other spa will be able to beat the views. I’ll talk a bit more about the facilities and the atmosphere, but I think the most important thing I’d want you to know about is the views from the spa. Unlike many spas that emphasize a feeling of exclusion and escape, the spa in the SH Valencia Palace Hotel shows what a spa with a view can be like. The main area is lighter and more open than many others, but the floor to ceiling window next to the large ‘pool’ is stunning. I was lucky enough to visit the spa at about 17:30 during December, and was treated to a spectacle of sunset colour and light.

I’ve showed my readers some of the beautiful colours and skies that Valencia offers (and offers in style) but the views from the elevated spa, looking over the river/park, are incredible. Even if you visit this spa during the day or night, the views are still fantastic. The best would be to arrive about 45 minutes before sunset, and then you will see sun, sunset and night views, all in one visit.

The picture below will give you an idea of the mix of colours and clouds that the Valencian sky delivers on a daily basis, as well as a similar view that you would see from the spa.

Picture credit © to Joe Thorpe

Neon relaxation...

The Hotel Barcelo Valencia is a slightly cheaper option, although there is not really much of a sacrifice for the lower price. With Aladinia (a fun activity booking site you should check out) you can go to this spa for 20 Euros per couple. This only includes the basic spa entry, but that’s more than enough in my opinion. You can enjoy the pools, hot tubs and saunas, and get your significant other to give you a massage later! I loved the neon design of the pool area, and although it’s not the most inclusive package (and only lasts an hour), what you get is everything carefully organised and placed, so you really get that sense of being in a high-quality place. The same is definitely true of the SH Valencia Palace as well.

Picture credit © istock/bernardbodo

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