Sítio da Trindade in Pernambuco- the last resistance against Dutch invasion

Fabio Jardelino | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you like historical places or just want to find a beautiful park to relax, you should visit the Sítio da Trindade, a public park in Recife, located in the Casa Amarela neighborhood. The region dates back to the Brazilian colonial period when Portugal was fighting against several civilizations to keep the Brazilian territory as we know it nowadays. Most of these battles were against the Dutch West India Company, who invaded Pernambuco and other States in the Northeast of Brazil. One of these battles happened precisely at the Sítio da Trindade, which back in the time used to be called Forte do Arraial do Bom Jesus (Good Jesus Fortification). 

© Fábio Jardelino

To understand the importance of this place, first, you have to picture the history behind. In February 1630, Dutch ships entered Brazilian waters to invade Pernambuco, which at the time was the world's largest sugar producer. After conquering the litoral of Recife and the forts designed for the protection of the port and the cities, the Governor of the captaincy, Matias de Albuquerque, ran away to the "countryside," and forged the fort at the Sítio da Trindade. 

The fun fact about it is that back in that time, this region was totally in the middle of the jungle, far away from the city center. Nowadays, however, with the natural growth of Recife, it's part of the North Zone of the City, surrounded by buildings, and no more than 20 minutes away of the litoral.  

© Fábio Jardelino

At the end of the twentieth century, an archaeological research conducted by the Federal University of Pernambuco revealed part of the moat, the base of the walls and the dam. A large amount of ammunition and personal effects of the combatants have also been found in there. It's definitely a beautiful place to visit and get to know better the Brazilian culture.

© Fábio Jardelino

The fort functioned as a Luso-Brazilian resistance spot against the Flemings between 1630 and 1635 when the Dutch invader bombed and seized the fortress. After the fall of the resistance, some residents returned to that place, under Dutch occupation, and tried to repair the houses that had been bombed. Over time, however, the land was divided into various sites and estates. At that period, the lands passed into the hands of the "Trindade Paretti" family. For this reason, it is called Sítio da Trindade (or, Trindade Land).

© Fábio Jardelino

Nowadays, the place has a colonial chalet, built by the Trindade Paretti family, with 600 square meters. It covers 6.5 hectares of green area, which transformed into a public park, where residents can do sports or enjoy nature. Also, every year in June, the São João party, a folkloric celebration of Pernambuco's culture, takes place right on this spot. 

© Fábio Jardelino

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