Servitenviertel - Place Where Vienna Meets Paris

Ogi Savic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Tiny but mighty would be the best expression describing beautiful Serviten quarter (Servitenviertel). This quarter is located between Währinger Straße, Rossauer Lände and Schottenring and its name dates back to Serviten monastery that was located here in the 17th century. This part of Vienna is one of the nicest and cosiest one, the place where history meets elegance, and the good food meets Viennese. In the summer in this picturesque quarter of the 9th district an almost village-like atmosphere prevails, the streets are filled with the people.


Today small charming alleys of Servitenviertel, especially Servitengasse are packed with the hip cafes and restaurants. Highlight of the quarter, at least for me, is the Xocolat Manufaktur. The chocolatiers from this chocolate shop hold the workshop how to handle and make chocolate and other desserts.


Serviten is regarded as the “Little Paris” of Vienna, because of the unique atmosphere and flair. French bistro La Mercerie, helps keeping the reputation alive. So, if you are in the mood of French delicious such as croissants, baguettes from the own bakery, Quiche Lorraine or éclairs and tartes that are delivered fresh daily from Paris this place is a must.

Quite hidden, located in the Seegasse, you will also find the Jewish cemetery Rossau, the oldest Jewish cemetery in Vienna and a particularly mystical but atmospheric place.


My suggestion for every Vienna visitor is to treat itself with the walk along the street of Servitenviertel and to enjoy the tranquillity of this enchanting place.

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