Samaipata valleys wines: aromas born in the heights

Vanesa Zegada | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Bolivia is not only a producer of high-altitude wines* cultivated at more than 1600 meters above sea level (which grants them outstanding aromatic characteristics) but also the country with one of the oldest wine traditions in Latin America. The largest vine cultivation areas of Bolivia are, currently, the valleys of Tarija and Cintis. Nevertheless, lately, another Bolivian wine has been catching international attention. It comes from a different region: the Samaipata valleys**. Let’s discover what is so special about this wine*, with aromas born in the heights.

The wine production in Bolivia started during the colonial period when the immensely rich mines in the west of the country were important markets for this beverage. Back then, the Samaipata valleys, despite having suitable conditions for vine cultivation, were populated by fierce native tribes called Guaraníes. Considering that those valleys were not close enough to the principal mining areas, only a low-scale wine production was held in Samaipata over time, by a few families, mostly for personal consumption.

It was not long ago when a truly wine passionate Bolivian man spent years researching and visiting all the vine suitable regions of the country until he finally discovered the perfect location. Due to a combination of altitude, seasonality and land conditions, he chose the Samaipata valleys. After two additional years searching for the perfect piece of land in these valleys, together with two friends, he founded Uvairenda, a boutique winery that, over time, has ignited the spark of interest for wine in the region.

© Zoomalmapa/Vanesa Zegada

Uvairenda is focused on a low scale production of high-quality wines. Nowadays, its wines, called 1750 (the meters above sea level at which its vines are cultivated), are sold in exclusive stores and restaurants of the most demanding markets of the world: France, Switzerland, United States, Luxemburg or Japan, among many others.

Latin American culture is the product of a mixture of the old and the new continent. With its name, Uvairenda honors this combination that allowed European grapes to flourish in lands of Guaraní tribes, giving birth to aromatic high-altitude wines. 

© Zoomalmapa/Vanesa Zegada

Uvairenda was not only a wine project but also a tourist one. Day by day, the winery is working to give a pleasant experience to visitors who want to learn about the regional vines and wines, closing the journey, of course, with the tasting of its remarkable products.

The passion and dedication put in each wine are noticed in every sip. A fine wine accompanied with local hams and cheeses, a peaceful environment, and the wonderful view behind the glass is all you need in order to spend a perfect moment. If that sounds appealing to you, definitely add Uvairenda to your schedule in Samaipata!

© Zoomalmapa/Vanesa Zegada
© Zoomalmapa/Vanesa Zegada

1750 wines can also be found in the main restaurants of Samaipata. A great recommendation is Café Jardín at La Víspera, a truly beautiful location where meals are prepared with freshly harvested products from their own organic garden. You will be delighted not only by the great taste but also by the beautiful presentation of the food and the relaxing natural surroundings of this open-air restaurant. It is the perfect place for enjoying an organic meal accompanied by an organic wine!

© Zoomalmapa/Vanesa Zegada

The beauty of Samaipata valleys, together with the flavor of great wine, certainly delight all senses and please any heart. Enjoy the Samaipata valleys and their wines, with aromas born in the heights at 1750 meters above sea level.

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