Safranbolu, the city of saffron

Alara Benlier | Live the World

November 23, 2022

With its cobblestoned pavements, its historical houses, its saffron and its amazing nature, Safranbolu is definitely an one of a kind city in Turkey. Safranbolu is also known as "Müzekent", or in English "Museum City", since 1007 of its 2000 historical traditional buildings are registered and protected throughout the years. However, It's not only its history that makes it unique, but also the fact that this city is covered with saffron plant. If you read "The Iliad" by Homer, you will remember the city Paplagonya, which is in fact Safranbolu! With an 3000-year-old history, Safranbolu has been ruled by many nations, such as the Hittites, Khmers, Lidia, Persians, Romans and of course the Ottoman Empire! Speaking of the Ottoman Empire…

The world-famous Ottoman houses and the Old Bazaar!

Safranbolu is famous for its Tarihi Safranbolu evleri, which is also known as the Ottoman houses. These historic houses are typical Anatolian houses with stone floors and lots of windows. Built in the 18th Century, these houses and their details are great examples of the city's culture and history. That's why these Ottoman houses, aka Tarihi Safranbolu evleri, are on the UNESCO World Heritage List! Every house has an amazing ceiling engraving** **and some have little pools or fountains upon their entrance.

While you are admiring the Ottoman houses in Safranbolu, you can also check out the Eski Çarşı, aka the Old Bazaar. In this old bazaar, you can admire the ancient blacksmithing, copper works and of course, amazing handworks. With lots of Ottoman emblems, it is considered to be the best place to buy your souvenirs! You can also buy wood engravings, as well as** the best works of cloth weaving**.

Of course, do not miss out on trying the Turkish Delight!

As I said before, Safranbolu is an historical city, which is particularly famous for its saffron. You can buy this golden colored spice anywhere in here, but what is also worth buying is a Turkish delight with saffron! Safrantat Lokumcusu, located in Safranbolu, is specifically popular for its saffron delights! Safrantat demonstrates quality, unique taste and special flavor options of the traditional Turkish delight! Inside an ancient mansion, you can sit and enjoy the Turkish delight along with tea/Turkish coffee or you can just take it away and continue exploring the city. At the same time, you shouldn't' miss out on tasting its delicious tahini halvah, aka tahin helvası!

Tokatlı Canyon and the Crystal Glass Terrace

If you are looking for an adventure full of adrenaline, you should check out the Crystal Glass Terrace, aka Kristal Teras! In here, you can get mesmerised by the otherworldly canyon, located in a 80-meter high glass terrace. If you are not afraid of heights -acrophobia-, it is the best place to be, since the floor is made of glass and it's actually quite impressive! And no need to worry while there, the glass floor can hold up to 75 tons, but for security reasons, they only let 30 people at a time. It is definitely exciting standing above the cliff! Throughout this canyon, you can hike, and enjoy the great view and the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. It is also one of a kind! You can find similar canyons in Arizona or in Georgia. Full of oxygen and with impressive views, I couldn't imagine any other place better than this to hike around here. After trekking in this gorgeous canyon, you can enjoy a hot beverage in its cafeteria. Don't forget your camera to capture this amazing sample of nature. The entry fee is only 5 Turkish Lira.

Plan your visit to Safranbolu and get inspired by itinari now!

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