Rezo Gabriadze's cycle of life show, Tbilisi

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

As I have already mentioned in previous articles, Tb[ilisi](’s most beautiful part is the old town. The Rezo Gabriadze’s theatre is located precisely there, on Shavtelidze Street. Rezo is a painter, director of the theatre, writer, and also sculptor. He was born in Kutaisi city in 1936. He is the author of more than 35 films such as “Mimino,” “Sherekilebi,” etc.

Rezo Gabriadze theatre

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In 1981 he founded the Marionette Theater in Tbilisi that won the hearts of the audience from the first shows and which nowadays travels all around the world. There are four famous performances in the theatre’s program: “My Spring’s autumn,” “Stalingrad,” “Ramona,” and “Diamond of Marshall de Fonteite.”

Rezo Gabriadze’s motto is written on the façade of the theatre with golden letters: “Extra Cepam Nihil Cogito Nos Lacrimare, “which means “Let our tears come only when cutting an onion.”

The clock tower and the show

One of the main attractions in Tbilisi is a huge clock tower that was built in 2010 by Rezo Gabriadze. There you can see the city’s biggest and the smallest clocks. At the end of each hour, an angel comes out from the beautifully painted door and rings the bells with a small hammer. A bigger door opens only twice a day, at 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Visitors can watch an entertaining show when the second door opens. It* is a mini Dolls Theater, and it shows “The cycle of life.”*

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The cycle of life

These dolls show us the cycle of life. A young boy meets a beautiful girl and he fells in love. Then they marry and have a child. The time is passing. They have a very happy family. Later they get older and older, and after their death, their son continues his life, meets his future wife, and everything starts from the beginning. That is why the name of this show is "the cycle of life". This is the meaning of the life and Rezo showed it shortly in a very beautiful way. After the show, people are clapping with happy faces and thoughtful eyes. People start thinking about their children: they realize that they might die, but they will never disappear, as they will continue living in their children's hearts after they are gone. They have left their traces in this beautiful world. This performance is held on the background of the lovely Ge[orgian folk song](, which is also about life.

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Decoration & visiting

The lower part of this clock tower is beautifully decorated with ceramic tiles, which are also made by Rezo Gabriadze. He painted this place himself. This place has become one of the main sightseeing choices. Many tourists come near this tower every day, especially at 12 and 19 o’clock. Here, there is also the Café of the Theater, which is located next to the tower clock. It is one of the best places to spend pleasant summer evenings.

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