Rejuvenating drops of the Tamshaly Spring in West Kazakhstan

Nazerke Makhanova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The Tamshaly Spring is known as one of the pearls of West Kazakhstan. It is located in the north-central part of the Mangyshlak Peninsula, and to** the east of the town of Fort Shevchenko. In the middle of amid landscapes, you will find a canyon that leads to the shell-shaped place with the rejuvenating drops of the Tamshaly Spring**. 

What is the Tamshaly Spring? 

The Tamshaly Spring is a significant place. It is known for its small waterfall* and a freshwater lake. Nature formed two springs here. The water protrudes from a stone platform that looks like a huge cornice and then flows down in thin streams. On one side, there are cliffs, on the other - a vast valley stretching into the Caspian Sea. Water breaks through the rocks of the canyon. Local people named the canyon and the spring after these thin streams that resemble the drops. Hence the name of the area - Tamshaly, meaning “drops*” in the Kazakh language. Locals and tourists love to relax here, hiding under the canopy of spreading trees, watching the clouds and birds. The lake with the crystal clear water is located in the base of the gorge. Perhaps, in the old times, the earth has cracked, and groundwater has seeped down, through the layers of soil. Over time, groundwater depleted, and the river dried up, leaving a small lake at the foot of the rocks.

© / Andrey Karpushkin

How to reach the Tamshaly Spring? 

The Tamshaly Spring is located 35 kilometers from the city of Fort-Shevchenko. Firstly, you could reach the city of Aktau by plane and then drive to Fort-Shevchenko in about 2.5 hours. The Tamshaly Spring is a great attraction for people who are looking for a romantic and touching place. But, those who are seeking to see the mysterious yet original attraction, should head to an abandoned fishing town of Karagan, 3 km from the Tamshaly Spring. Just by looking at this place, you can feel the history. Once, this place was one of the most important marine trade destinations.

The legend about the Tamshaly Spring

Once upon a time, a beautiful girl named Meret lived in this region. She was the wife of a rich, old and sick Turkmen Khan. Shortly after he died and a Mazar was built in his honor (in the Kazakh language, it is translated as a cemetery). At the time of grievance, the summer was hot and arid. The grass turned into dry dust due to the absence of wind, people were tired and thirsty, and it caused many kettles' deaths. Meret knew about the water presence somewhere behind the rock and decided to cut a path to it, to save the local people. Except for her undeniable beauty, Meret had a brave heart and a wise mind. She ordered masters to find a way to the source of water. The craftsmen hacked the road to the spring and Meret saved her people. Ever since then, in the arid steppe, the rejuvenating drops of the Tamshaly Spring meet guests who come to see their beauty.

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