Rajecké Teplice: Feel like a Greek goddess for a day

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Did you know that Slovakia is a spa country? There are numerous hot springs all over the country, and they are very popular, especially among people with musculoskeletal or dermatological problems. One of the many spa towns is Rajecké Teplice. In Rajecké Teplice, you can find a newly built wellness and spa complex called Aphrodite. It is not just about the name, but you will truly feel like a Greek goddess Aphrodite for a day.

History of Rajecké Teplice

Rajecké Teplice is a small town in the Žilina region, in the northern part of Slovakia, and it has only 2500 inhabitants. This part of Slovakia is well-known for its clean air thanks to numerous forests in the region. What makes Rajecké Teplice a great destination is that there is a hot spring. Already in the 14th century, people knew about its healing powers, and later on, in the 17th century, the first thermal spa was built. Back then, only the richest people could use this spa, so Rajecké Teplice became a popular summer residence for the aristocracy. After the World War, the spa town became affordable for the middle class as well, and now it is open for everyone in any season of the year.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty

The thermal spa called Aphrodite looks exactly like a palace from Greek mythology. All the outdoor and indoor pools are decorated with antique columns and statues. A part of the complex is also a Turkish bath, different saunas and a Kneipp path. Different kinds of massage and beauty treatments are also offered. You can spend a night in a hotel suite, which is a part of the spa or enjoy a gourmet dinner. It is really a luxury spa facility for the most demanding clientele, where they treat you like a real god or a goddess. No wonder, Spa Aphrodite in Rajekcé Teplice is ranked as one of the top European spa destinations offering a high-quality service.

Photo © credits to Spa Aphrodite

Healing procedures

The hot spring in Rajecké Teplice has a temperature of about 38°C, and due to its chemical composition, it has scientifically proven benefits on human health. Pools use natural thermal water that contains calcium and magnesium ions with beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal and nervous system, as well as overall body relaxation. There are several pools for relaxation, rehabilitation and swimming. But the hot spring is suitable for drinking as well and used as a treatment or prevention. It is said to be “the elixir of youth”. Some procedures in the spa also include a detox program.

Photo © credits to Spa Aphrodite

Rajecké Teplice is an ideal option if you want to relax and heal your body and soul. You will feel like a Greek goddess in the wellness and spa complex called Aphrodite. Doctors** **and other medical or beauty professionals will take great care of you. Warning: it is addictive!

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