Pub tour – A night in Baku

Nilufar | Live the World

November 23, 2022

As a continuation of the journey that has started in the previous story, I would like to invite you to visit some pu[bs in Baku](

Let’s go!

The first direction is an interesting and cute pub that I have discovered recently. The pub is called Utopia, and it is located near the Fountain Square, right in the center of Ba[ku]( An interesting part of the pub is its creative design. There are nice paintings on the walls, which covers the walls wholly. While you are in Utopia, it feels like you are inside an animation movie. Moreover, weekends are more special in this pub with amazing live music.

Another nice place to have a drink besides various sorts of music is ETUD café and bar. ETUD offers a warm atmosphere with blissful music, which will make your night adorable. Mainly, music is live in ETUD and jazz is the main genre played.

Moving on to the next destination, which is called Compass Pub and is located in the city center, close to the Fountain Square. It is one of the places that will attract your attention by its nice design. Delicious seafood offered with beverages is another interesting fact about the pub that differentiates it from others.

Riga pub&bar is another destination where you can enjoy the nightlife of Ba[ku]( It is the place where I really enjoy with my friends. Energetic music, various kinds of drinks and many other services are offered by Riga to make your night enjoyable.

The common feature about all mentioned pubs is their cheap price and a good level of quality that allows you to enjoy a night in Ba[ku]( with either your friends or just by yourself.

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