Pub crawl in Tallinn: a fun night out

Merje Aus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Tallinn is packed with pubs, and it would be a waste spending your night out in just one place. Why not visiting the best pubs of Tallinn in one fun night out and get a real glimpse of what Tallinn’s nightlife has to offer with a pub crawl.

Estonia: the kingdom of craft beer

Beer has been an important drink all around the world, and Es[tonia]( is no exception. In all corners of the country, there have been own recipes that differ in taste, color and strength. Estonia is not a place for dull beer - a lot of small breweries come out with craft beers, each more interesting than the other. You can find all sorts of different tastes – classics like dark Imperial Stouts, fresh IPA-s or more down-to-earth tastes like birch or juniper. There is a lot to discover in the world of Estonian beers, so don’t try them all in one night.

Picture © Credit to: iStock/Ridofranz

Hell Hunt: a good old beer and pig’s tongue

The best first stop would be Hell Hunt (‘gentle wolf’ in Estonian). This is the first Estonian pub, opened in the year 1993, and it hasn’t disappointed beer enthusiasts ever since. Choose from a large menu their own speciality – Hell Hunt Light or Hell Hunt Dark. To get something in your tummy before a long night out, get a snack selection: garlic bread, chicken fillet strips, fried dumplings, jalapenos, pig’s tongue and sausages.

Põrgu: the hell is actually a nice place

Now, it’s time to go to hell. Põrgu (‘hell’ in Estonian) is actually a nice place, not as bad as folklore tells us. On weekends, book ahead because Hell gets busy on Fridays and Saturdays, and step in. The choice is difficult between 15 draught beers and too-many-to-count bottled beers. Since you are in Hell, maybe a Smoked Lager named Purgatory will tickle your taste buds this night? Or why not just trying alcohol-free root beer?  

Picture © Credit to: iStock/nevodka

Valli bar: a must-see last stop

All roads lead to Valli bar – the most iconic bar in Tallinn, where the atmosphere hasn’t changed since the 1970s. But in spite of grumpy bartender and worn-out furniture, it remains a huge attraction for locals. If you are lucky, you might even catch some older guy playing the accordion in the corner. If you are courageous, try a shot named Millimallikas. Every Estonian knows it, but I’m not sure if anyone I know has ever dared to try it.

Tallinn is packed with interesting pubs, and you shouldn’t spend your whole night in just one place. Map out your pubs, and make it a fun night out with pub crawling in Tallinn.

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