Prater - The Oldest Amusement Park in the World

Ogi Savic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

"Wurstelprater" amusement park in Vienna’s 2nd district and the oldest in the world with its Giant Wheel is one of the most famous tourist attraction and the symbol of the city. It is opened 24 hours a day all year around and it is free of charge. Individual attractions may have different opening hours and of course different prices.

Among numerous carousels and other similar attractions amusement park is famous for its Liliputbahn, 4 km long narrow-gauge railway that passes through the Prater park. Ride on this 75 years old railway takes approximately 20 minutes. After riding the train, you can meet famous and historic people and also the film characters, or their wax representations, at the Madame Tussauds wax figure museum that is located at the main entrance to the amusement park.


Riesenrad or the Giant Wheel is 120 years old attraction and it can be seen on every tourist brochure of the city. For 65 years it was the tallest extant Ferris wheel in the world and one of the oldest one ever built. Today it is possible to organise different events in the cable cars of Giant Wheel like a wedding or candle light dinner, so if you are into little romance why not.

Speaking of romance, look at the stars in Planetarium Prater could be worth. Thanks to the most modern projection technique bad weather and heavy clouds cannot disturb you, the stars would be still visible no matter if it is day or night.


When you get tired of riding and spinning the best way to relax is ordering knuckles of pork at the Schweizerhaus one of the most famous restaurant in whole Vienna with the beautiful beer garden.

If you stay long enough at Schweizerhaus and you are still in a mood for couple more drinks, don’t worry just few steps away is one of the most famous of the Vienna nightclubs, the Pratersauna is a house, electro and techno club.


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