Pohoda Festival: The best summer experience in Slovakia

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Pohoda Festival is probably the best summer festival in Slovakia, always scheduled for the second week of July. It all began in 1997, and since then, the festival takes place every year. Of course, since then, it has changed a lot, grew, gained a reputation, and now it is located in the Trenčín, a former airport, to provide more space. Nowadays, it is not just about presenting a local art scene but also remote names like The Prodigy, The Kooks, M.I.A., Liam Gallagher and others. But Pohoda always kept its unique friendly atmosphere, so the experience is completely different from other music festivals.

The best festival you have never heard of

In Europe, there are several giant names in the music festival industry. Pohoda is not one of them. Actually, Pohoda is designed to be a small festival, where people feel comfortable moving around and don't have to wait in huge lines for a toilet. Strong sense of community is the main idea of the festival. But even though the festival is small, every year it brings the best artists from Slovakia as well as countries like the USA, Great Britain, and so on. The reason is simple. They love the friendly vibes. Organizers choose quality over quantity, and that is why the festival is always sold out.

Photo © credits to Facebook/Pohoda.festival

First-class food scene

Pohoda Festival definitely offers the best food from the whole country. Since the number of food stands is limited, every restaurant or a café is fighting to have a stand there, since this is a great way to promote the brand. The variety is really wide. So, you can find here everything from healthy acai bowls to a Hungarian deep-fried langosh. And most importantly, you can try the best Slovak restaurants under “one roof”. And on top of that, the prices are more than friendly! You can also try craft beers from local breweries and wines from the region. Hard liquors are not sold on the site, and their consumption is actually forbidden. The reason is to avoid drunk conflicts or injuries. Pohoda is also an eco-friendly festival, so no plastic cutlery, straws and glasses.

Photo © credits to Facebook/Pohoda.festival

Not just a music festival

People go to music festivals mainly because of the music that makes sense. But Pohoda is different. You can find here every age category from babies to seniors, and they enjoy Pohoda as much as anyone else. Why? Because Pohoda is not just a music festival, but a presentation of art, culture and diversity. The favorite part of the festival are the lectures on different topics, like traveling, ecology, politics and others. Sometimes, even the president comes to meet people and discuss with them in a non-formal atmosphere. Isn't that cool? Also, you have morning yoga sessions, cooking classes, programs for kids or symphony orchestra in the afternoon. Everyone can find something interesting.

Photo © credits to Facebook/Pohoda.festival

Pohoda Festival is the highlight of the summer in Slovakia. You might not find here a lot of A-list headliners, but they are not needed. Pohoda is not about the best-known musicians but the unique experience, where people gather and just enjoy music, art and community. Everyone appreciates the friendly atmosphere, great food and all the little details (like sunscreen stations on the site), that make the whole festival amazing.

Photo © credits to Facebook/Pohoda.festival

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