Park of Jemappes

Roxane Casula | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Welcome to the park of Jemappes, a charming 20-hectare park, not very well known but that is definitely worth the visit! I'ts not that far away from the center of Mo[ns,]( European capital of culture in 2015. To get there, you will need to take a road through a suburban area, but once you are getting close to the park, you will land on a place that seems hidden and remote. When spring is there, along with flowers everywhere, it's a lovely spot for spending a day or even just an afternoon. The park area is very well-maintained, and it is likely that you will* meet walkers: they are delighted to tour it, often with their animals. The park of Jemappes has several fishing ponds** where you can observe fish and nature, watch cute ducks families, or just take a break sitting on a bench. For the lovers, you can find more bucolic and discreet places. You will also discover a chapel and a conservatory cooler of late eighteenth century. For sports fans, you can practice running and follow the "so-called" health track, which, I must confess, has aged a little but is still fun to do, for old as well as young *people. There are also tennis courts, and to make children happy, a playground, where I used to play myself for long hours when I was a kid. At that time, I remember feeling like the toboggan was gigantic!

The park has a rose garden, several flower beds and old trees. Along the walk, you will also find several vast expanses of lawn where I like to go. You can* lie under a tree, sleeping** **or reading a book, take a sunbathe, have a picnic, play badminton , or just have a sweet tender time with your lover. Don't we say that *the secret of happiness lies in simple things?! That's for sure. And If you want to be quiet, you can find places with absolutely no one around. So, in one word, for those who don't have a garden at home, this is the kind of number one place where you would go to escape and breathe fresh air. Sun, fun, flowers, peaceful setting and being barefoot on the grass, what else? Like in any green area or natural setting, beware of insects: I got stung by a wasp there. An unpleasant souvenir for me, but thanks god, there is a pharmacy very close.

For those who tend to like animation, noise and want to see people, there is a cafe "La Roseraie" where you can have a drink or eat a snack on the sunny terrace , while children play in the playground. In the summer, it is very lively, and music is played around. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you will also see food trucks, that propose snacks such as pizzas, burgers, fries and ice cream.

Many events take place in this place, such as "costumes of Venice", with a parade of costumed people, a presentation of Ve[nice](, magicians and a dance party in the evening. As an anecdote, my mother liked it so much that she went to the real carnival of Venice this year. You can also attend petanque tournaments, fishing competitions or weddings.

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