Pannonica: a unique Salt Lakes Trio

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

More than 20 million years ago, a large part of the Balkans was covered by the Pannonian Sea, including the region of the northern Bosnia & Herzegovina. It might be hard to imagine, but many proofs are testifying these historical facts. One the best artefacts can be found in the city of Tuzla, known as the European Salt Lakes City. For thousands of years people in Tuzla, whose name means “place of salt” in Ottoman Turkish, have been producing it thanks to the extensive saline deposits beneath the city. Even though the ancient Pannonian Sea dried up a few millennia ago, it left millions of tons of rock salt in this region. Besides the salt production, the local authorities decided to use this natural wealth for health and relaxation purposes. As a result, Pannonica - a unique Salt Lakes Trio in Bosnia & Herzegovina, got created.

The only European city with Salt Lakes

The idea of ​​drawing the salt water to the surface and converting into a lake, in the form of a reservoir, turned out to be a top ecological project and unique in Southeastern Europe. Started in 2003 with only one lake, this one-of-a-kind complex today consists of three Salt Lakes. The Pannonica Trio got enriched with the Slano Waterfalls and the Archeological Park of Neolithic stilt-house settlement and a museum that tells the story of the continuity of life in the city of Tuzla since the Neolithic age. Situated in the heart of the city and next to the saltwater wells, these Pannonian Lakes made Tuzla unique as well. It is the only European city with the Salt Lakes in the central park and also the oldest ones on the continent.

Beaches in the city center


What’s more, Tuzla is the only city in the world with beaches in the city center. A total coastline length of 1,000 meters and about 10,000 m2 of gravel beaches are offering plenty of swimming opportunities for visitors. Besides bathing pleasures, this water is famous for its healing properties as well, especially for respiratory and rheumatic illnesses, but also for the sterility issues. Its Slani Waterfalls are a sort of inhalation therapy in the open space. Even the salinity of the water corresponds to the sea water. So, the fame of the Pannonian Lakes and its exceptional therapeutic properties attracts many visitors during the season between May and October.

Tuzla’s star attraction


For locals of this purely continental city, going to Tuzla’s star attraction is like going to the sea, but much cheaper and at their fingertips. Besides the sun and clean water, there are a large number of water slides and beautiful cascades, as well as numerous sports activities. Everyone finds a place for themselves and enjoys this phenomenon. So, if you happen to be in the vicinity, you should not miss Bosnian unique Salt Lakes Trio - Pannonica and get your own experience of the sea from Tuzla.

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