Pals, the medieval village of Costa Brava

Helena Guerrero Gonzalez | Live the World

May 29, 2024

Pals is a historical village in the Baix Empordà region and, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful places on the Costa Brava. With a population of approximately 2,500 inhabitants, this small medieval village usually gets a good number of tourists every weekend. Although it has no worldwide known monuments or museums, its beautiful cobbled streets, walls and Gothic buildings are more than enough to justify a visit. Besides all this, its surroundings are also impressive, as you can enjoy a virgin beach, dunes, wetlands and different rice fields that form a unique natural park. I do not actually know about many places like Pals, full of historical and medieval architecture and surrounded by such incredible nature and a beach.

Explore its old part 

Located on the top of a mountain, Pals was built around a fortress and has preserved its splendid medieval spirit. Walking around this charming town is a relaxing experience. On your stroll through the village, you can enjoy surprising details and architectural features, such as picturesque arches and doorways decorated with a multitude of flowers, adding a touch of colour to the stone walls. El Pedró, a historic centre of Gothic origin with medieval corners and essence, is the most attractive part of the town.

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The well-preserved state of Pals is due to the work of a local doctor that took the initiative to restore it when it had been neglected for years. Thanks to his work, in 1973, Pals was declared a Site of Historical Interest.

The first mention of Pals dates back to the 9th century, though there are indications that proved it was inhabited before that time. Its name comes from the Latin "Palus", which means "marshy land", as ponds and marshes encircle it. Precisely because of this reason, the village is an ideal place for rice cultivation. Do not leave Pals without tasting the delicious rice dishes in a local restaurant.

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Enjoy its natural surroundings 

One of the main attractions of Pals is a wide and virgin beach that stretches for more than 3.5 kilometres between Begur and Torroella de Montgrí. This beach is surrounded by dunes and is an ideal place for water sports, sunbathing and sea bathing.

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Those who enjoy nature can also explore some of the Pals' best natural places, such as the Coll pools, a marshland located at the old mouth of the river Daró, or the dunes that used to stretch from the beach are now covered by pine woods. The rice fields, which occupy a large part of this beautiful town's landscape, are also ideal for strolling, either on foot or by bicycle, along the paths that run around the crops.

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In sum, Pals is one of the most unique and charming villages on the Costa Brava, Girona. It offers its visitors a medieval old quarter and fascinating natural surroundings. Walk around its beautiful cobbled streets, walls and Gothic buildings and explore its virgin beach, dunes, wetlands and many rice fields.

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