Northern Italy: best Autumn spots

Nicolas Casula | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When the leaves turn yellow and red, it is Autumn taking its first step! The air is crisp and filled with flying leaves, the streets smells of baked chestnuts, chimneys start to smoke and pumpkins are everywhere…. if this does not ring a bell, it means you have never been to Italy during the fall! If you love this season as much as I do, keep on reading! I you don’t, still keep on reading as I bet you will change your mind!

If you happen to be cruising through Northern Italy around September, October or November, there are a few spots you really should not miss. Here is a list of my favorites:

Val Brembana's Borghi (or stunning villages): Cornello dei Tasso and Oneta

If you feel like a nice walk on the hills above the city of Bergamo, these stunning borghi located in Val Brembana are just what you are looking for! By car or bus, cruise along the road that from Bergamo takes you to the Alps and make sure to look out of the window once you get to San Pellegrino: the factory producing and exporting the famous water is right here at the side if the road and it will be surprising how lovely it looks! Once you are in San Giovanni Bianco, start the walk by following the signals and enter a fairy-tale bush made of chestnut trees, colourful leaves and busy squirrels and rabbits getting ready for the winter. Along the way you will encounter multiple villages where the time has not passed, and Cornello del Tasso and Oneta are among them. I love these two spots because the first one is the home town of the man who helped creating the first postal service in Italy, Tasso and the latter is home to Arlecchino, the famous Italian mask with a black face and a colourful jumpsuit. Make sure to stop in these towns and along the way in the many lovely spots in the bush or at the pastures while looking at cows and horses in the warm sun.

Franciacorta and the Moscato wine festival

This region does not need a presentation really… by saying Prosecco and Pinot Grigio we say it all! But what not many people know is that in September and October, in the towns of Scanzorosciate and Grumello del Monte, there is the sweet wine festival! Francia Corta is in fact known for its divine bubbly wine but the very beginning of this area produces some of the best Moscato you will ever taste! At the festivals not only you will get to taste it but you will have the opportunity to see how this wine is made! Many farmers will show you the whole process that transform grapes into wine, you will see how it gets bottled and conserved and of course they will share the best tips on the kind of food you should accompany your drinks with. Take a stroll through the Francia Corta region and visit its towns and festivals, you will not be disappointed.

Padua and its many students

This city is in Veneto and it is known because of its university (among the oldest in Europe) and because is it the native place of Galileo Galilei 😊 And from him, Padua still carries a thinking-out-of-the-box mentality, a future-looking mentality and a young, lively and daring atmosphere, all thanks to the many students that live and study here. If Padua is crowded with tourists in summer, get there during the fall and you will see way less of them and way more students…. Who are the reasons why Padua is so nice in the first place and why you should see it now! If you are into biking, get one and cycle around its stunning city centre and the lovely university… and feel free to get lost! I guarantee you will always meet a student or two who could show you the way (or getting you lost even more!)

The Langhe Piemontesi (also known as the most beautiful spot in Italy in autumn)

Really, if you do not like Autumn, please stop for a moment and get to the Langhe Piemontesi. This area is absolutely beautiful and if you visit it during the fall you will get to seen many kilometres of vine trees with bended benches full of gold, green, blue and purple grapes and with red, yellow and orange leaves. Picture these warm inviting colours right under a light blue sky, a warm sun and the sound of birds… and you might get close to what the Langhe is. Barolo (defined one of the most delicious wines) and Barbaresco are produced here and you will be able to taste it in one of the many cantine. If you spot a dog sniffing around, make sure to follow him as this area produces some of the best truffles in the world. Chestnuts and hazelnut bushes are very popular here too, as you will see from the many people roasting them at the side of the street. Make sure to taste them!

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