Nightlife in Tallinn: something for everyone

Merje Aus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

While Tallinn’s Old Town in the daytime is a serene place for sightseeing, in the evening, it shows its other face and transforms into a clubbers paradise. The best thing about partying in Tallinn is that the most popular bars and clubs are just a short walk away from each other, and when you get enough of one bar, you can hop into another nearby. Nightlife in Tallinn offers something for everyone.

Conquer the best dance floors in Tallinn

If you prefer to dance the night away to the most popular dance music and enjoy tasty and colorful cocktails, Tallinn Old Town is the place to be. The Venus Club is one of the most iconic nightclubs in Tallinn, just in the middle of the city, by Viru Square, it is easy to get to and find a taxi if necessary. With the age limit of 21+, it attracts older crowd to the dance floor. No wonder this club is so hot, as it used to be a fire-fighting house in the year 1952. The Seif Club, by Fr[eedom Square,]( is one of the poshest clubs in Tallinn. Three different rooms offer something for everyone – should you be in the mood for R’n’B, pop, or disco. Order a bottle of champagne for your table and feel like a star. 

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Enjoy a classy cocktail evening

If you are not exactly looking for a large and noisy bar and just want to spend some time with your friends, Tallinn has a lot of classy cocktail bars as well. If so, Frank is the right choice for you. They offer a large variety of bourbon cocktails, both classic and with an interesting twist. For a more lively atmosphere, you might want to go to the ladies' favorite hangout place before a night full of clubbing, being next to the Venus Club – the Butterfly Lounge. It is not just known for its cocktails but also the entertainment program. It is always packed with people having fun, and it never hosts a boring night.

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Rock to the best alternative bands in Estonia

For those who prefer heavier music, it is best to step a little out of the Old Town and head to Tapper – the best alternative music club in Tallinn. Check the home page first to see which band plays that night (usually on the weekends) and get ready to rock. Besides being acquainted with the Estonian alternative music scene, you can also listen to many foreign bands that step on the stage there. 

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Whether you want to spend your night dancing in the club, enjoying a cocktail with your friends in a classy atmosphere, or rocking by the live music of a rock club, nightlife in Tallinn offers something for everyone. 

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