Nightlife & bars in Cagliari

Mara Noveni | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The fantastic nightlife of Cagliari is presented as "an actor wearing different masks": from the Po[etto Beach]( to the multiracial and colorful Marina district, a vivid nightlife can be found through the ancient district of Castello or the central pedestrian streets. 

Cagliari's nightlife enchants its visitors with a myriad of bars among, of course, its social life, fun, and culture.


One of the most popular and fashionable places in Cagliari is La Paillote. This place can be reached along the last stretch of a bumpy road, in Calamosca. On the right, the sea is cobalt blue. After having parked your car, a staircase decorated with beautiful and very high cactuses leads you to the bar, composed of both an open-air and a covered part. Arriving here at aperitivo time means enjoying an intrusive sunset that breaks through the whole Sant’Elia promontory, almost halfway between Cagliari and the Poetto area. La Paillote is a fairly elegant place, frequented by over 30s. After midnight the average age drops considerably.


The Poetto

You can dance, drink and listen to music in all the cafés on the Poetto Beach. It looks like a protected oasis, but the city center is only ten minutes away. The Poetto is frequented above all by those who love nocturnal nomadism, passing from one café to another listening to different music styles in completely different atmospheres. Exotic clubs like the Emerson or the Oasis alternate with more genuine and less pretentious places, such as the Palm Beach, the Twist, or the Lanterna Rossa.


Castello district

To find more tranquillity, you need to move towards the city center. The Castello district is the oldest area of ​​Cagliari with winding streets, old gates, and fortified walls. On the top of the ramparts, there are two historical places of the Cagliari nightlife: Libarium and Caffè degli Spiriti. The first is located on the Bastione Santa Croce, while the second is on the Bastione Saint Remy, so they are in a mirror position. Both are equipped with comfortable sofas, hammocks and chaise longues. From there, you can admire a fantastic city view, with discreet background music and the fresh air that smells of the sea. Halfway between the two, we find the Ritual Café, a characteristic and choreographic café created in an old powder keg of the Pisan era, which is certainly worth a visit.

© iStock/Filippo Carlot

The Marina

To access the authentic Cagliari cultural salon, you have to go down to the Marina district, which overlooks the harbor. The heart of the nightlife in the Marina district is Piazzetta Savoia - with a less fashionable and more cultural connotation. Some of these organize cultural evenings, such as book presentations, jazz concerts, or literary conversations. Among these, the Manàmanà, the favorite place of Cagliari writers, a sort of literary café where you can also taste good local food.

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Piazza Jenne

Piazza Jenne, Largo Carlo Felice, and Corso Vittorio Emanuele host hundreds of places where you can spend the cool evening hours pleasantly. Pubs, lounge bars, ice cream parlors, pizzerias, restaurants, where you can catch up with friends, often with background music. Enjoy your night out in Cagliari!

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