New Year's festivities & decoration in Chisinau airport

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The magic of New Year's celebrations spreads on the Chisinau International Airport, too: a fairytale atmosphere is felt all around the halls of this building. A beautiful and slender fair tree, hundreds of colorful decorations, and many other surprises -Chisinau International Airport is always ready for the winter holidays. No matter what, coming to Chisinau or flying away, our airport will let you feel like in a dream

© Sputnik/Miroslav Rotari

A few words about our airport 

Chisinau International Airport is one of the most important buildings in our country. It is one of the three airports situated in Moldova and the biggest, most modern and newest. It gained its international status in 1995, 25 years after it was built. Every day, it transfers people in various directions of the world, bringing them the joy of traveling. Almost three million passengers use this airport annually. 

© Sputnik/Miroslav Rotari

Besides a considerable amount of passengers and opened flights, Chisinau Airport became a place where you can have a tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner while waiting for the plane. You might also meet a lot of interesting people, and make splendid photos with fascinating monuments inside the building. For example, there are a few monuments dedicated to the airplane crew, in the departure hall of the airport. In addition, there are a lot of places where you can buy souvenirs and press, and even spend some time to, if your flight, for example, is delayed. 

© Sputnik/Miroslav Rotari

New Year's atmosphere in the airport

The Chisinau Airport always prepares for the most awaited holiday of the year. The New Year's atmosphere is felt all over the building since the very first days of winter. Hundreds of toys, beautiful garlands, enormous glitter balls, and a lovely arch with teddy bears - these (and not only) are the real symbols of the holidays in the airport. The Christmas tree is always about 10 meters in height and offers you a cool possibility to make great photos and leave those memories in your heart for ages. Also, holiday trees are located in all areas of the terminal - both in the departure and arrival areas. Restaurants and shops at the airport also make their own decorations for the holiday celebrations and offer visitors season's greetings beverages. All of the passengers who are traveling through our airport anytime and anywhere note that the airport services offer some additional innovations, especially in the Christmas decorations.

© Sputnik/Miroslav Rotari
© Sputnik/Miroslav Rotari

Do not forget about the presents

That is true! Chisinau Airport will offer you great and unexpected presents if you come to us on the 31st of December, so do not forget about that. If you plan your flight through our country at the end of December, that will be one of the greatest and fascinating ideas, believe me! Besides, when coming to the arrival area, you can note a beautiful arch made of teddy bears. It is made for the faster coming of the family queues. Just imagine that you are in a dream, and come to visit our country during the New Year holidays. You will not regret it!

© Sputnik/Miroslav Rotari
© Sputnik/Miroslav Rotari

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