Natural Spots in Tenerife Part 1

I previously wrote about the amazing water park in Tenerife, as well as the amazing animal exhibitions at Loro Parque, and today I wanted to show you a bit more about the natural areas on this volcanic rock. The incredibly raw and wild landscapes that were created by the growth and eruptions of the volcanoes that are the island. Tenerife is not an island of gentle slopes and relaxing greenery, but more a beautifully barren landscape, strange and alien but remarkable as well... Part two explores Los Gigantes in Tenerife as well as some other amazing natural but less well known spots.

The most well known - Teide National Park

I'm going to move on to some of the less well known areas on the island, but this national park that almost everyone who goes to Tenerife will visit, is well worth talking about! People visit this towering central feature for a reason. It's the highest mountain in 'Spain' (or the Spanish territories), and stretching up more than 12,000 feet with snow on the top year-round, it's a remarkable thing to have in the background of your beach holiday! It's also fantastic to be able to get away from the Summer heat and go up to altitude. The temperature at the top of the mountain/volcano is a fait bit lower, and can be a relief if you are not particularly used to the heat!

An alien landscape - Llano de Ucanca

The Ucanca Plains are like a scene from the Mars rover, with a lifeless red dust swirling around, and nothing to be seen for miles around. This is the epitome of the natural beauty of Tenerife, in that it's stark, barren and absolutely stunning. Because of the wilderness and sheer brutality of the landscapes on Tenerife (especially at altitude like this 2000 metre above sea level plain) there is very little commercial development. Although this means that trips out to these locations can be a bit long and hot, if you don't mind minor amounts of difficulty, you can really feel isolated and alone. Although for some people this might put them outside their comfort zone, I love to visit places that are very popular, but can still give you an experience that feels unique and special.

Unending views - Cherfe Viewpoint

Although Tenerife is not an island short of remarkable views, one of the very best spots on the island to really soak it all up is the Cherfe Viewpoint. From this raised point, you can see almost the entire western side of the island, and is right next to the very popular village of Masca. Like many of the best spots on Tenerife, there is very little development, but you can often find a little van selling food and drinks (although not always). Some people might be put off by not having all the facilities within easy reach, but for me this is part of the beauty, as it allows you to really be in the moment and connect with the nature around you.

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