National Palace Hall, an iconic performing arts hub in Chisinau

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

In the Soviet times, Chisinau looked like a real construction spot - there was constantly a number of new places from reception halls to the enormous hotels being built. The National Palace "Nicolae Sulac" is on the list of those buildings. Built in 1974, it was named as the "Octombrie Concert Hall" until the end of the Soviet era and then renamed in honor of famous Moldavian folk and pop singer Nicolae Sulac. Nowadays, this place has become the iconic performing arts hub, because a lot of singers, artists, dance troupes and other famous performers from all over the world come here frequently. Let's find out why is this place so memorable and how to get to the National Palace. 

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A special pride of Chisinau

The National Palace is a special pride of the residents of the capital. It was opened in 1974 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Moldavian USSR. This fact, of course, was not the most important point for people to admire. Huge windows, marble trim, beautiful parquet, an auditorium of 2000 seats, and the real escalator! Why was that so exciting? The point is that in the Soviet times, there were no such a "miracle staircases" in Chisinau. This story happened a long time before the trend of shopping centers, restaurants, and cinemas of a large scale. The area around the palace is beautiful and full of different cafes, restaurants, and shops. In addition, you could also enjoy walking in a beautiful park there. 

A miniature of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses

The "Octombrie" Concert Hall was initially built as a little miniature copy of the Grand Kremlin Palace of Congresses in the capital of Russia - Moscow. The architecture and the appearance, in general, were made in the Soviet-style. This palace in Chisinau started the whole network of palaces in the fraternal USSR republics, which were practically the same and hosted a lot of different events on the republic scale. 

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Spectacular construction

Currently, the National Palace Hall in Chisinau is a spectacular multi-purpose construction. It usually hosts a lot of congresses, ceremonial meetings, concerts, performances, and others. Some times the major and powerful people of Europe and the USA visited this palace as a part of the important events for the Republic of Moldova. The three-story building is divided into the entrance, visual, demonstration, economic, and technical complexes. The main facade is glazed along the entire length of the complex. According to its staging capabilities and decoration, the National Palace still belongs to the spectacular constructions of the first category. This iconic performing arts hub can be visited freely, if you want to get closer to the interior of the Hall. However, if you are in a mood for outstanding cultural experience while you are staying in Chisinau, I strongly recommend buying a ticket, especially for a traditional Moldavian show. To check the performances and tickets you need to go to one of the official ticket websites of Moldova. 

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