Must-see summer locations in Athens

Being a capital and the home for more than five million people, Athens has something to offer to almost any kind of visitor or tourist. Festivals, concerts, and workshops are happening at any time and every day in the city, especially during Spring and the early weeks of June, when the heat is still bearable.  Looking for and finding these events might be tricky though; the offers are vast so at times you can get lost while looking for something that could interest you; it is a good idea to have a look at posters on the streets and check the flyers you might find, keeping in mind that many of those will probably be in Greek and it may be hard to understand them if you don’t have somebody speaking Greek alongside. So, to try to reduce your efforts once you are in Athens, here are some must-see summer location in Athens if you want to make the most of this city.

Photo Credits © Federico Spadoni

Technopolis City of Athens

Technopolis City of Athens is a cultural complex and museum, promoting arts, innovation, and life-long learning in the city; The complex has been obtained by re-shaping and re-inventing the space of what was Athens' gasworks plant and since its opening in 2003, has become a monument of industrial heritage. During the last days of May, Technopolis holds what is the longest free music festival of the city. This event, Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, has been running now for nineteen years, and it is one of the most anticipated in Athens. International artists play for a straight week on the Technopolis’ stage and people flock in as well. The shows start around 5 or 6 pm and lasts at least until midnight every day and it's for free.

Onassis STEGI

The Onassis STEGI is all about contemporary culture. In the official City of Athens booklet it is described as "intersection for bold ideas, art-form, and people" which is poetic, but not very clear to understand. What is sure is that in this cultural center you find theatrical and opera plays, art exhibitions, screenings and music events, such as Techtonic Festival. This three-day festival was the talk of the town when it first happened in 2017. Now the show wants to bring “tectonic pressure” on the city by proposing a peculiar style of music based on a combination of “avant-garde movements and trends of the previous century, from the 1960s and ’70s, and the indeterminacy and randomness of John Cage”. All the events are hosted at the Onassis STEGI and tickets are available on the website (

Athens' City Center

Photo Credits © Federico Spadoni

I know the suggestion is not too specific, but throughout all summer, June to August, there are free open-air screenings all around the city, especially in the center, because of the Athens Open Air Film Festival. Movie projections are** hosted in special spots at archaeological sites, parks, squares, beaches, museums and other places around the city , with free entrance** for everyone. It has now been eight years since the first edition of this festival, and from what you hear around, it has been very much appreciated by locals and visitors. The kinds of movies you’ll find go from old masterpieces to more modern works, so it will be difficult not to find something you’d like to go check out.

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