Music under the stars - summer festivals in Vilnius

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Summer in Vilnius brings people to blooming gardens, fresh lakes, and the Old Town courtyards full of music and art. When the biggest music festivals happen in various corners of Lithuania, their reverberation spreads through the vivid streets of Vilnius as well. The different types of music - from exclusive pop, evergreen rock, and eternal classics, can be heard in the warm summer nights, under the stars in the courtyards, churches, and rivers banks of Vilnius.

The Midsummer Vilnius

For two weeks the courtyard of the Palace of Grand Dukes becomes the most vibrant and rhythmical place in whole Vilnius. The Midsummer Vilnius Festival brings the various art and music performances into the hot and slow summer days. The festival offers ten diverse performances from classical music, theatrical performances, operatic arias to the rock and postmodern music which makes you move your legs the whole night long. The stunning architecture of the historical heart of Vilnius and the power of art make this festival an unforgettable cultural experience.  The Midsummer Vilnius is a young festival - happening for four years in a row, from the middle until the end of July. Every day of the festival brings a different type of cultural event, so it is also possible to purchase tickets for single performances or to get a ticket that covers all the festival's events. 

The Christopher Summer Festival

All genres are good except the boring ones - the motto of the Christopher Summer Festival reflects the aim to bring classical music masterpieces in various unexpected venues of Vilnius. The main objective of this festival is to put classical music into the spotlight, together with the alternative music projects and inclusion of jazz. The Christopher Summer Festival happens from June till September and offers various musical performances and other artistic events (cinema premieres, thematic excursions) to makes sure to reach the audience's hearts. The beauty of this festival is that the performances are held in traditional and non-traditional places of the capital - in the church vaults, under the open sky, and in the parks and libraries. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/Furtseff

The Vilnius Carillon Festival 

For the passionate classical music lovers and experts, the Vilnius Carillon Festival happens in the Church of St, Philip, and St. Jacob from the middle of July till the middle of August. Every year the festival has a different theme and attracts visitors with an exciting music program. Also, the entrance to the festival is free. The star of this festival is the unique musical instrument - Carillon, consisting of 61 bells. This musical instrument is installed in Church of St, Philip, and St. Jacob and is the largest of its kind in Central Europe. Carillon concerts of classical music happen daily at 1:00 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. of up to 15 minutes. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/Birute

Vilnius has an open heart for various art performances and summer festivals. Every day you can discover a new thing that you like, from pop, rock or classic  – the sound of the music irresistably** flies through the streets of Vilnius** under the stars in summer

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