Moldova’s Wine Feast

The Wine Feast in Moldova is a traditional festival that takes place every year at the end of September or beginning of October. This festival often called the National Wine Day, is a national holiday that was introduced by the government of our country in 2002. The idea was to support the wine industry and remind everybody where the best wine is produced. If you have never been to Moldova, the best time to enjoy our fruitful wine and delight our best traditions** is the Wine Festival**. The weather is still amazing, so you can spend the whole day outside and be inspired by the bright colors of our nation. In order to attract more visitors during this time of the year, the local authorities allow all the tourists to enter Moldova without visas, one week before the Wine Feast and one week afterwards.

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Moldavian wines with Protected Geographical Indication

This year, the Wine Feast took place during the first week of October, under the motto “The wine from the heart of Moldova” / “Vin din sufletul Moldovei”. The Feast is dedicated to Moldavian wines with the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI): „Codru”, „Valul lui Traian”, „Stefan Voda” and „Divin”. It means that the producer guarantees the high quality of the wine presented. Thus, right in the center of the capital, on the Great National Assembly Square (Piața Marii Adunări Naționale) more than 60 different Moldavian wineries showed up to present their wines. Each producer got its individual stand and decorated it in accordance with the national traditions.

An interesting concept of wine tasting

The festival organizers developed an interesting concept of wine tasting. You may try different wines from the best wineries if you buy a special degustation glass with a small guide catalog. It is available right at the beginning of the Festival Square, at the Information Desk. It is very convenient because for only 10 EUR you get a lot of advantages. The first one: you receive a glass made of titan, that is a recycling material, which cannot be broken. The glass is accompanied by a special accessory, that is to be used around your neck to get your hands free. This way you can easily walk from one winery stand to another, your wine glass is always with you, and your hands are always free. The second one: the small degustation tickets are given for 11 different wineries and one favorite wine. The tickets are valid for both days. The third one: the guide catalog provides you with an unlimited number of free bus rides. So, no need to buy the tickets in the public transport. Though, as the taxi is really cheap here (2-3 EUR), I would not advise you to wait for a bus. The fourth one: The National Wine Day Program and Stands Map are available with all the wineries marked on it. The last one: you get 20 % discount on all Moldavian items presented at the exhibition during these two days.

Picture © Credits to Wine of Moldova / Serghei Becico

It was a pleasure to see that the Wine Festival was organized on such a high level. It is already the 17th Feast Edition that opened its doors to all the national and international visitors. Actually, Moldova is quite a new performer in this kind of festivals, compared to Germany (Oktoberfest). I personally came to Chisinau this year to enjoy the wine festival, and it really exceeded my expectations. I did not anticipate that it could cover so many participants and be organized so carefully, with all the attention in regards to national and international guests.

Festival’s main attractions

There are a lot of different attractions** of the festival that can keep you busy for a couple of hours. Let me give you a short overview of the main** attractions that are worth exploring.

Picture © Credits to Wine of Moldova

The National Craft Market was developed to show the stirring life of artisans. Here, you are introduced to the national craftsmanship. On this market, you may find different handmade items produced out of wood, fur, textile and other ecologically clean materials. All of these items are available for purchase. The market is fabulous every single unite is unique and is done with love by talented people.

Picture © Credits to Wine of Moldova

The Local Gourmet Dishes is a terrific place where you have a chance to try the most delicious food in the world. You will find the wide range of national dishes like placinte, sarma, mititei and mamaliga, that all must be tasted because this is the most flavorful and mouthwatering food you could ever try.

The Wine School is open to those visitors who are interested in learning how to identify a good wine. The professional sommeliers organize the master class of conscious wine consumption. It is so amazing that a one-day festival gives you quite an in-depth knowledge of what wine is. You get the skills how to choose a good wine, considering its bouquet, flavors and structure.

Picture © Credits to Sputnik / Miroslav Rotari

The concerts are the attractions that can make you busy. The local music bands and folks music orchestras will amaze you with our traditional music. The national dancing clubs not only perform well but also take you with them for a dance round.

Picture © Credits to Sputnik / Miroslav Rotari

The tourists in Moldova are very welcome. Moldavians love to see new visitors in our country. If you still did not see Moldova’s Wine Feast, you are very welcome to come to Chisinau and enjoy our best tradition** **and try the most fruitful wine of very high quality.

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