Mesmerizing beauty of Pliva Waterfall

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

In Bosnia & Herzegovina, the land of countless waterfalls, one has been out of competition since ever. Renowned for its hypnotic charms and inimitable uniqueness, Pliva Waterfall has been named 1of 12 most beautiful waterfalls in the world.


Set in the town of Jajce, this 22-meters-high waterfall is the only one in the world located in the city centre. This magnificent waterfall, enlisted on the tentative list for UNESCO, is also unique in the world to create an estuary at the place where Pliva River flows into Vrbas River.


Nestled in the basin of lavish greenery, this Pliva Waterfall is a picture-perfect site. Whether you are standing beneath it or looking down from above, the Pliva waterfall creates a breath-taking scenery.


The riverbed of Pliva River and the waterfall have been formed in the porous material – travertine. It is believed that the waterfall was formed 50,000 years ago.


At a distance of 5 kilometres from the town, there are two lakes, used as a significant hydropower resource. At Pliva lakes, one can do different water sports, but also serious preparations before big competitions, championships, Olympics, etc. Great Pliva lake, due to its specific density of water, is ideal for kayaking and canoeing. Additional attraction between the two lakes are water mills, popularly called Mlinčići.


Even though, almost any water-related activity is possible in this location, the main attraction is International jumping competition, that takes place each year. So, for a new adrenalin adventure, this event is highly recommended.


Fishing is very popular on the Pliva River and its lakes, as they provide ideal conditions for sport fishing. In these waters reside around 26 species of fish. A part of the 35th FIPS-Mouche European Fly Fishing Championship was held on the lake in 2015.

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