Magical time in Vilnius: Movie theatre “Pasaka”

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Just one small reminder - Christmas is coming, the time when Vilnius becomes one of the best Christmas cities in Europe, with a vibrant and magical atmosphere. Talking about the magic, for me, the movie theaters were the most magical places since my childhood. With a smell of caramel and popcorns, it is the best place for the spontaneous dates as well. Nowadays is harder to find a cinema which will be unique and uncommercial, but there are few in Vilnius. One of them, located in the very heart of Vilnius Old Town, is movie theatre “Pasaka". A magical, cozy and authentic movie theatre, where just a simple film session becomes a small celebration with some magical sparkles. Thus, today a short story about the magical movie theatre “Pasaka” in the Vilnius Old Town.

“Pasaka” not only for fairytales

Let’s start with the origin of the movie theatre's name. “Pasaka” in Lithuanian means a fairytale. While looking at the interior of cinema, some concerns about the name can be raised. All the cinema’s walls are painted in red, which makes this theatre a little bit dramatic, and based on the movie you just watched - either scary or reminding you of Tim Burton’s movie “Alice in the Wonderland”. But don't doubt about the atmosphere of this theatre - just after you open the doors, you feel that you will have the best cinema experience.

In this theatre, you won’t find all the commercial movies like in other cinemas. The most important thing about “Pasaka” is that this cinema is focusing on good quality movies, and they decide very well which movies can be shown there. It does not mean that you do not find some popular commercial movies here. You can hear Lady Gaga singing “Shallow” with Bradley Cooper as well as in other cinemas. So for sure, good movies in "Pasaka" always find their way.

Movie and a glass of wine instead of popcorns?

Yes, it is possible. One of the best things about this movie theatre is that on the first floor is located in a wonderful restaurant called “La Boheme”. The cinema and restaurant are not connected, but to grab a glass of wine in La Boheme and bring to the cinema is always allowed, which makes your cinema experience more unforgettable.

La Boheme is a winery restaurant with some Provence style elements. What I like the most in this restaurant is its interior. It feels like you are sitting in some cozy underground church surrounded by handmade candles and a wonderful smell from the kitchen. The restaurant has numerous types of wines, wonderful and fine-cooked snails with herbs, garlic and butter sauce, pasta and amazing pistachio ice-creams (and some other dishes as well).  La Boheme is one extra thing that makes Pasaka movie theatre more exclusive place than all other cinemas in Vilnius.

Pasaka is the cinema that adds something extra into your daily cinema visiting routine. With a glass of wine, cozy interior and carefully collected movies, Pasaka brings the magical time in the Vilnius Old Town and the people hearts.  

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