Maafushi Bikini Beach: just another day in paradise

Do you want to make your dream come true and visit the Maldives without blowing the budget? Do you imagine a relaxed beach holiday with some action in between? Do you dream of the white sandy beach your friends posted on Instagram? Do not wait any longer - choose Bikini Beach on Maafushi Island in Kaafu Atoll and experience just another day in paradise with all you ever dreamed of for a fraction of the price.

How to reach bikini beach

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Maafushi is a local island with an extensive tourism infrastructure suited for budget travellers, but with all the amenities a resort island could offer. Bikini Beach is its main attraction. The Maldives is a Muslim country, and as this is the only beach on the island where people are allowed to wear bikinis, this is also the place to be for tourists from around the world. Bikini Beach is located in the heart of the touristic part of Maafushi. Therefore, various restaurants, cafés, hotels, guesthouses and diving schools are literally just around the corner. Please be sure to be dressed respectfully on the short way from your room to the beach

Upgrade your tan or relax under a palm tree

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Bikini Beach is the perfect place for all sunbathers. With temperatures of around 30° Celsius the whole year and the sun shining basically the whole day, your body will get tanned pretty fast, especially because the fine white sand ideally reflects the sunlight. This also maximizes the risk of sunburn, so be sure to put enough sun lotion on all parts of your body. You can either rent a sunbed or lie on your beach towel that is provided by nearly every hotel and guesthouse. For those who are seeking shadow, there are also some palm trees, and the beach is separated from the street behind it by a natural fence of bushes. This and the fact that the crystal-clear water close to the beach is very shallow makes Bikini Beach in Maafushi the perfect location for not only couples and friends but also families. 

Enjoy the cocktail service

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During a long day on the beach, you will soon get hungry or long for a cocktail. To satisfy your need, you don’t even need to get up from your sunbed, as the waiters from nearby restaurants and hotels regularly walk by with their menus offering snacks and drinks. It is very pleasing that they are never pushy but very hospitable. Opt for a sandwich, a cocktail or a fresh coconut, and pay with cash or credit card as soon as they deliver your order. Do not get nervous if your food is not delivered within 10 minutes – the relaxing atmosphere also affects the staff, and who can blame them?

Explore the house reef

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For all those water enthusiasts, Bikini Beach in Maafushi has even more to offer. Swim or play in the shallow sea or explore Maafushi's house reef. Nearly every hotel and guesthouse offer snorkel equipment and fins to rent for free. After about 50 meters of swimming, the watercolour turns from light blue to dark blue, indicating the beginning of the drawn-out reef, running parallel to the Bikini Beach. Although this is one of the reefs affected by coral bleaching, you can still see some little fish and some intact corals. I even saw a small reef shark once. However, for seeing other animals like sea turtles, rays or dolphins, I recommend booking a snorkelling trip with one of the various providers near Bikini Beach. If you want to have more action, you can also rent a jet ski or kayak or do some parasailing or have fun on a banana boat. The watersports centres are located directly next to Bikini Beach.

Experience a romantic evening on Bikini Beach

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As the Maldives is located close to the equator, the sun sets around 6 pm, all year round. This occasion is celebrated by tourists every evening. Enjoy it with a cocktail on the beach or take the perfect picture on the dock between Bikini Beach and Watersports Beach. If you want to enjoy the sunset all alone with your loved one, I recommend renting a SUP or kayak and paddling into the sunset. As soon as the sun disappears below the horizon, Bikini Beach transforms into a romantic dinner location. A nearby hotel sets some tables in the fine white sand, often decorated with romantic lamps and petals of roses. A considerable number of wedding proposals happens there regularly. 

The perfect place in paradise

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Maafushi Bikini Beach clearly has it all: white sandy beach, turquoise water, palm trees and a house reef. Relax and reward yourself with a cocktail, embark on a jet ski tour for some action, enjoy the sunset and experience a romantic dinner on just another day in paradise at Bikini Beach in Maafushi.

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