Luxury tapas from Palau Alameda in Valencia

I’m someone who has a great love of the outdoors, and generally I find myself most comfortable planning hiking routes, thinking about camping under the stars or exploring the national parks in Spain, where I live. However that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate a modern city centre bar, and the Palau Alameda in Valencia is one of my favourites in my new home city.

Photo credit © Joe Thorpe

Palua Alameda is in a fantastic location just next to the sprawling, winding Turia Park, that is the backbone of the city, running the full length of the city centre. The old river/new park is a wonderful place to walk, cycle and hang out. There are also bars, parks for children and the famous Arts and Sciences architectural complex.

The bar/restaurant manages to combine the greenery of the park with the modernity of the city centre, and brings together these two worlds in a classy, elegant yet relaxed way. There is space and quiet (unlike a lot of Spanish bars where packed tables and noise are almost a given at times).

Photo credit © Joe Thorpe

Whilst this is the perfect after-work wine bar, it’s also much more than that, and the food here matches the high quality provided by the beautiful location and decoration. Whether you want to try classic Spanish croquettes with a modern twist, or decadent chocolate desserts served with a flare of drama, this is the right place to come.

Photo credit © Joe Thorpe

The menu at Palau Alameda focuses on many of the much-loved Spanish classics, but the real joy in a visit here is enjoying the huge balcony that looks over the park, the soft lighting that creates a beautiful atmosphere and the very personal attention from the waiting staff.

Photo credit © Joe Thorpe

There are a few different areas to explore at Palau Alameda, each one with quite a different atmosphere. The primary wining/dining area is called Atic – which offers “show cooking in the sky”. This is the open top (with removable roof shades) bar/dining room, and although there are quite a lot of tables, this rooftop area is huge, and the tables are far enough apart to make sure it’s a private experience.

Photo credit © Joe Thorpe

Palau Alameda also features a club on the ground/underground floor, called Azza. Azza is one of the most modern and up-market disco/clubs in Valencia, combining cocktails, dance shows and DJ nights. The owners say Azza is a mix of New York decoration with a Montmartre, Parisian atmosphere. The third space is the indoor bar area called La Sala. This is ideal for when the weather turns a little angry, or when the sun is burning down, and you want some shade. In La Sala you can enjoy the same food and service that I loved about the Atic space, but in a more private and indoor setting.

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