Lovrijenac Fortress: the protector of Dubrovnik

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro - Liberty is not well sold for all the gold. This was the motto of the Republic of Ragusa, the aristrocratic maritime republic centred on the city of Dubrovnik, that can be still seen carved in the stones of Lovrijenac Fortress. This historic Croatian fortress in the Dalmatian region was once made to protect the city of Dubrovnik from Venetians and Turks.

Together with Revelin Fortress, Lovrijenac is one the two architecturally beautiful, historically important and culturally valuable jewels worth visiting when you travel to DubrovnikLovrijenac on the western point and Revelin on the eastern are two detached forts that guards the city centre of Dubrovnik, meaning - the most significant structures outside the city walls. Now, let me take you on a trip to the western Dubrovnik and introduce you the great protector of this coastal city in Croatia - Lovrijenac Fortress.

Lovrijenac Fortress - Dubrovnik's Gibraltar

Lovrijenac Fortress (St. Lawrence’s Fortress) is also known as Gibraltar of Dubrovnik for its position. This significant cultural heritage of Dubrovnik is located on the detached cliff outside the city wall, 30 metres above the sea level. Together with the Fort Bokar, it makes a strait-like shape entrance to the city and its port Kolorina. As a cultural symbol of the proud unconquered city, this fortress still stands strong, resisting the ages and waves that the Adriatic Sea is sending towards it. 

Lovrijenac Fortress, Dubrovnik's Gibraltar. Photo © credits to iStockphoto: Julia Chan

Legend has it, Lovrijenac was built in only three months, thanks to a huge voluntary work of local Dubrovnik people and their amazing struggle to protect the city from Venetians. Ten canons, twelve-meter-thick front wall, dozens of cannonballs and soldiers were protecting this fort and the city itself for centuries. Saint Blaise, the protector of the town, has its special place here as well - his little statue is located on the outside wall.  

What to do in Lovrijenac Fortress today

Because of its historical and cultural values topped with one of the best views the city has to offer, Lovrijenac is an inevitable tourism spot to visit in Dubrovnik. Along with other Croatian heritage around the Old City of Dubrovnik, you should add this fortress to your must visit list.

It consists of three terraces, and its triangular shape makes it a great photo shooting object.  Moreover, while you are on one of the terraces, a spectacular view is in front of you - the Adriatic sea and Dubrovnik with its unconquered walls. The closet historical "neighbour" is the Tower Bokar (Zvjezdan). Nowadays, Lovrijenac is famous for being a perfect venue for theatrical shows, especially during the Du[brovnik Summer Festival](https://www.livetheworld.com/activities/croatia/dubrovnik-summer-festival-dubrovacke-ljetne-igre) that lasts from the end of July until the mid of August. If you are a real theatre enthusiast and a Shakespeare fan, then start searching for the tickets for this amazing cultural event in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Walls and Lovrijenac Fortress. Photo © credits to iStockphoto: xbrchx

When and how to visit Dubrovnik's Lovrijenac Fortress

You can visit it at any time of the year, from 8 am to 7 pm.  Lovrijenac is easily approachable from all parts of the city either by foot or local transportation that circulates around Dubrovnik. My recommendation is to visit the Dubrovnik wall first and then walk your way out of the Old Town and head towards Lovrijenac. The best time to enjoy the most out of Fort Lovrijenac, the protector of Dubrovnik, is in the afternoon hours to have the most beautiful view of the Adriatic sea with the most astonishing sunset.  PS: With the ticket for Dubrovnik walls, the entrance to this fortress is free.

Photo © credits to iStockphoto: Carolin Jahn

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