Lonjsko polje - lowland safari

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Interested to see the park where the storks and eagles fly over your head and where cows swim in the water? Or you want to ride a bicycle around biggest wetland in Danube basin? Maybe you are bird fan or just curious how does it feel to play with piglets while horses are running around? This sounds impossible but it’s real. That all is Lonjsko polje Nature Park and it’s located in Sisak-Moslavina County in Croatia.

Some parts of Lonjsko polje Nature Park look like famous swamps of Amazon or Africa. And it’s in the middle of Europe. This nature park is protected area in Croatia. While visiting park one can choose some of the educational tours and learn more about Lonjsko polje Nature Park, river Sava and nature, geology and biology above all. Lonjsko polje Nature Park is flooded region where inhabitants got used to live with floods. Namely, people here constructed their homes on nearby hills, made gardens and orchards behind inhabited areas and then in the end flooded meadows and pastures.


This is the place where all animals live in peace and in natural habitat. You can see them how they walk or how they go in herds for pasture. The most impressive and maybe the cutest are little piglets or horses that run around in all their splendour.


Bus from Sisak or train from Novska. Buses and trains run few times a day. Since Lonjsko polje Nature Park is very close to Bosnia and Herzegovina also from this country is possible to approach the park.


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