Lipa Cave Adventure!

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Lipa Cave is the largest cave in Montenegro. Situated around 30 km from both - Podgorica and the seaside, and only 5 km from Cetinje, Lipa Cave is one of the main attractions in Montenegro. It is the first and only cave in Montenegro arranged for organized visits. Opened for public in 2015, Lipa Cave is a family-friendly site where hospitable guides lead the groups in a very interesting, adventurous and educational manner. So, let's start this Lipa Cave Adventure!

As one approach the entrance of the Lipa Cave the cold air from inside can be felt as in the cave the temperature are always somewhere between 10 - 12 degrees. Entering the cave, whole another world is opening to you. A world full of amazing underground features, cave ornaments, a numerous irregular forms of stalactite and stalagmite, narrow corridors, lakes and springs. Different halls inside the cave are hiding interesting facts and names.

There are two kind of tours for exploring* the Lipa Cave**. A regular cave tour and A CAVE EXTREME*. For all the adventurous souls a Cave Extreme is definitely something they should try! It is like a real speleology expedition: from entering the cave from the top - moving down on a rope, to exploring every corner and hidden crack.

It is not only now that Lipa Cave attracts so many people. It was a subject of interest many times before. In 1918 it was opened for the first time as a tourist attraction. Since then, it was closed and reopened several times. The funny thing is that the cave was actually first discovered by a dog who felt through a large opening of the cave. As the dog managed to come out through another gap, it was enough for local inhabitants to start exploring this underground world.

Whether you are coming with a family or with friends, whether you are taking a regular or extreme tour, one is certain: You won't stay indifferent to this underground world. Lipa Cave Adventure is a real 'must see' place when in Montenegro!

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