Lavapies: Nightlife & jamming sessions in Madrid

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

As you have already realized, Lavapies is definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods in Madrid, since it offers an alternative and multicultural lifestyle that cannot easily be found in every neighborhood.

Famous for its counterculture, its mercados, its graffitis, and its international food corners, Lavapies can also steal your heart with its nightlife options. Well, I guess that is a bit subjective, however, if you enjoy attending live concerts and jamming sessions during a night out, then you will probably appreciate my suggestions.

As you can realise, a mix of cultures automatically means a mix of musical styles!

© Istock/Adventure and lifestyle images and video footage

…and here you have some of my favourite bar-venues that guarantee a unique and exquisite night out while in Madrid!

Flamenco time in Candela

© Bar Candela

Candela is an icon on the Madrid flamenco scene. Paco de Lucía, Camarón, Enrique Morente, and Ray Heredia have all been here, though as spectators, rather than performers. It is the ideal place to let yourself go and enjoy the atmosphere: there are performances every Thursday and Friday, which feature both professionals and enthusiasts.

Boho & jungle jamming in El Juglar

© El Juglar

Great place, great atmosphere, and surprisingly awesome acoustics. El juglar is one of the most famous bars/venues in Lavapies, where you can usually find a great band playing out of nowhere, even during the weekdays. The bare red brick and chrome front bar provides a chilled background for the broad-based crowd with a soundtrack of jazz and soul. The beers are cheap, so in a few words, just go for it!

Ska, punk & rock jams in El Chiscon

© El Chiscon

El Chiscon is a place that you must visit! Always full of people, El Chiscon is a bar that never disappoints! Ska tunes, punk, and rock music will make you jump singing all night long. Very often, you might find local bands jamming among the people (literally, since there is no stage). In any case, I fell in love with this bar, so give it a chance and check it out, at least for a beer!


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