La movida madrileña

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Have you ever wondered how was Madrid like during the golden artistically and revolutionary era of the 80’s? Have you ever wondered how did the Spanish break free from the prohibitions and the very dark and very strict dictatorship of Francisco Franco?

If you’re a fan of the 70s-80’s counterculture and lifestyle I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna enjoy reading the page that follows.

The movida madrileña was a sociocultural artistic phenomenon that occurred in Spain right after the abolition of Franco’s regime. More than a movement, it was an artistic gathering of talents and famous personalities that came together in Madrid in the mid-70s, eager to finally express themselves in a country that was beginning to recover & regain its voice, its identity and its future.

The most known artist that played an important role in the development of this movement, is of course the widely known, Pedro Almodovar, whose first films, such as Pepi, Bom y otras chicas del monton (1980), reflected the freedom of the moment and the Spaniards’ effort to catch up with the cultural influences coming from the west.

The effect of the Madrid movement soon expanded into other cities… Vigo, Barcelona, Valencia were the ones to follow it first.

Experience the Movida!

Nowadays, this specific 80’s punk rock and revolutionary vibe can be still found in Madrid. Wondering where?

Take a trip through Madrid’s popular for its nightlife neighbourhood of Malasaña, where you will instantly notice this alternative vibe in bars, restaurants, as well as in the people’s clothing style and attitude. Malasaña was one of the primary locations where many of the these underground revolutionary events took place and where actually the movida Madrilena slowly started!

Imagine yourself entering in an black-lighted bar and reviving or let’s better say experiencing the 80’s counterculture attitude, lifestyle and music while being surrounded by people of all ages dancing till the morning comes…

Awesome right? experience it fully, do not miss the chance to visit and have a drink in my most favorite bar of this neighborhood!

Isn’t it cool?

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