Kiruna city will move

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Usually, it is people who move from the city and not the other way around. Kiruna is actually going to move to a place nearby with more nature.

To get here you can take the train from Stockholm, for example. If you are in Stockholm, then look how to Solo-travel there. Drinks to get in Kiruna includes Akvavit. A different view of Kiruna is made by Eileen.

When you become a grandparent you can tell your kids that you were in the city of Kiruna before it moved. It's like saying that you had a Polaroid camera when it was not hipster to have one.

They will relocate the city because the mines that are below the city are a threat for the city to fall down on and hence infringing on the mines. To avoid having the city confused with the mines like a salad, they imagined to move the city itself!

Kiruna is actually the greatest municipality in the world. At least until Australia cheated and merged two municipalities into one and technically became greater.

Zlata Goaboska says that you need a crazy mind for crazy ideas. That's how Google could travel every street of the important countries in the world and make their outstanding maps, and this way Sweden can transfer the most spectacular city that they have with vehicles.

Fun Fact: The church who was voted Swedens most beautiful building is also moving!

The city will be moved 3 kilometers and there are 18000 people who live here. The city is north of the arctic circle and was built in 1900 by the mining company called LKAB that is owned by the government.

To move a city could take about 100 years. Thank god for the Architecture firm White Arkitetker who can do it in 20!

Towns that have been moved to other parts of the world includes Bob Dylan's hometown Hibbing, Minnesota, which was moved because they were going to build some water things there.

I relate to the situation of Kiruna a lot because my town of Narvik was in a different location before that is called Rombaksbåtten. That's where my city started. We found out it was a little hard to reach this place if you didn't have a boat, and then we moved!

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