Khan Shatyr, an impressive entertainment venue in Astana

Heewon Jang | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Khan Shatyr, **which translated from Kazakh means 'the Royal Marquee', is an entertainment center that has a form of a tent and is located in the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana. This 150-meter high construction with a surface of 140 000 square meters is the highest tent in the world, and it was designed by Norman Foster, a UK architect.** Khan Shatyr entertainment center, built in a neo-futurist style, was opened on the celebration of the Astana Day in 2006. After seeing it, you'll be convinced that Khan Shatyr is an impressive entertainment venue in Astana**.

There is a lot of greenery inside the center, which grows wildly and blooms under the sunlight that comes through the transparent tent. Khan Shatyr was listed among the top 10 of world's best eco-projects according to Forbes Style magazine. It’s the only building from all over the Community of Independent States that the magazine considered to include in its charts. This place is a paradise for those who love nature and comfortable shopping. 

Summer all year round

Despite the fact that Astana is one of the coldest capitals in the world, the temperature in Khan Shatyr is always pleasant. Due to the special chemical composition of the tent, it protects the interior from extreme temperatures and creates a comfortable micro-climate inside the center. Another highlight of Khan Shatyr is the Sky Beach resort with a tropical climate with the** temperatures of +35°C all year round. The sandy beaches of the resort are equipped with a heating system, which creates a feeling of a real beach. The sand in the resort is brought from the Maldives**. 

What to do in Khan Shatyr?

If you want to see everything quickly, you can take a ride with an excursion on the real roller coaster, that goes all around the center. However, if you’re planning to spend more time here, there are plenty of activities you can do:

Picture © Credits to Wikimedia/jtstewart

1. Shopping

Khan Shatyr is a shopaholic’s dream. There are various boutiques and outlets, where you can buy anything you wish (1–2 floors).

Picture © Credits to Wikimedia/Ninaras

2. Rest on the Sky Beach resort

Just enjoy the tropical weather all day long, especially, if you’re visiting Astana in the winter time when the outside temperature can reach -40°CThe Sky Beach Resort is located on the 5th floor.

3. Go to the cinema

If you're interested in experiencing something new, watch a local movie on the big screen (2nd floor).

4. Have fun and enrich your culture

There are many amusement parks, shows and variety of festive events that you can attend. Some of the events will help you to understand the Kazakh culture and traditions (4-5 floors).

5. Sit under the palm trees

If you just want to look around and relish the moment, you can always drink some coffee and sit under the beautiful palm trees that can be found on any floor.

Khan Shatyr, for sure, will impress you with its architecture and a variety of activities for any age. Besides that, you can also know better the Kazakh culture and see what locals love to do on weekends in** this impressive entertainment venue in Astana.**

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