It's pizza-time in São Paulo; where to eat the best one

Luciane Oliveira | Live the World

November 23, 2022

"Eat, pray and pizza"...Find out the best places to eat pizza in the city!

Something that we are proud of is our pizzas. This worldwide popular food also plays a vital role in our country, especially in the city of São Paulo. We probably take it more seriously. Several pizzerias in town are restaurants dedicated to master the art of a good pizza. For instance, we share it between family and friends instead of eating it individually. Pizzas in Brazil are big, usually made into eight slices. Another feature is the massive amount of filling. Yes, we like it heavy with lots of cheese and any other ingredient that could be in a pizza topping. Sometimes, I wonder why Brazilian people like so much to add toppings and stuff everything. Maybe because immigrants found abundancy in our lands and transferred it into the food, it is hard to figure out, but not hard to appreciate it though. Don’t be surprised if two slices of a well-topped pizza are enough to satisfy your hunger. I don’t know about you, but I’m already hungry… so follow me into a tour through my favorite pizzerias in São Paulo.

Picture © Credit to: iStock/ Arx0nt

The one and only "Bráz Pizzaria"

"Among the ten best pizza places in the world," Bráz Pizzaria offers handcrafted pizzas with the best ingredients from Italy and Brazil. Bráz was named after the neighborhood of "Brás" in São Paulo, a region that concentrated Italian immigrants at the beginning of last century. The place was designed in the quaint restaurants' style and commerce owned by families from Italy. The style of the waiters -dressed in black and white- in addition to the ambiance, give a sense of nostalgia. However, the group that runs the place and maintains its quality over 20 years since its foundation makes all efforts to keep it updated. There is always something new, improvements or seasonal pizzas. Nevertheless, luckily for all of us, the traditional ones are safe and sound for our amusement.

A tradition that persists and reinvents itself 

Another fabulous place in the city is “Pizzaria Camelo.” Originally created as a Lebanese restaurant, the pizzas were added later to the menu to increase variety and attractivity. At Camelo, the dough is thin and crispy, but we keep the Brazilian style: lots of toppings! Pizzaria Camelo has been providing delicious pizzas since 1957. By the way, Camelo means “camel” in Portuguese! Although the animal has a strong connection to the eastern cultures, in São Paulo it refers to great pizza! Those sorts of things that could only happen in the multicultural environment from Brazil. “Paulistanos,” how we call the ones born in São Paulo, all agree that Pizzaria Camelo is part of our gastronomy history.

Picture © Credit to: iStock/ Arx0nt

Cosy place, great pizza!

"Primo Basílico" is a tiny and stylish place that gives a bit of life to the quiet and sophisticated avenue where it is located. This pizzeria is also part of my own personal history. So many family gatherings and birthday celebrations! It is one of the first pizzerias to serve a high-quality pizza with a cool and vibrant atmosphere. It looks like a bar, it has a fun architectural concept, and it won’t let you down. You can spot the pizza being made while you sip your cocktail and wait to be served. Be hungry, because you will taste a thick and creamy dough. This pizza that has been elected best in town for several times is holding its quality!

The fancy neighborhood & its informal ambiance

Pizzeria "Margherita" is another excellent place in São Paulo city to eat pizza. This restaurant has been combining traditional pizza with an "informal" environment since 1981. The white and red squares table cloths make it look like an authentic Italian restaurant. I guess it is the contrast that calls for attention. The quartier, “Jardins,” where it can be found, is one of the most sophisticated neighborhoods in the city. It is home to international and Brazilian fashion brands — those sorts of places to see and be seen. Even if you're on flip-flops and wearing a very relaxing outfit, you can enjoy a fantastic pizza, despite the fancy neighbors.

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