Ice-cream baby in Vienna

Ogi Savic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Ice, ice baby, vanilla, or some other taste? The ice-cream is the favourite dessert for many in the hot summer days. You will rarely find someone that doesn`t love it. Therefore, this frozen piece of heaven deserves its own article. In Vienna, the tradition of serving ice cream is very long. The city has many excellent ice-cream shops of many different kinds: Italian gelato, American style ice-cream or, nowadays very popular, healthy and vegan ice-cream. I will show you some of the best ice-cream parlours in the city.

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Tuchlauben: traditional ice cream in the heart of the city

Tuchlauben is one of the traditional Vienna’s ice cream parlours. It is located only a few steps away from St. Stephen's Cathedral in the heart of the old town. The shop is in Tuchlauben, one of the noblest streets in the city, after which it was named. The ice cream parlour was founded in 1962, by the Perizzolo family, from Trento in Italy. Since that time, almost nothing has changed, the interior still reflects the atmosphere of traditional Italian style ice-cream parlours from the 1960s. The ice-cream in Tuchlauben is handmade following the original Italian ice-cream recipes, which have been handed down for generations. The ice cream varieties are also classical: Malaga, Pistachio or Cassata.

Tichy, the inventor of Eismarillenknödel

Like Tuchlauben, ice-cream parlour Tichy is also more on the traditional side. It is among the best, if not the very best ice-cream shop in Vienna. Kurt Tichy, together with his wife Marianne, has opened their first ice-cream parlour in 1952. It moved to its present location at Reumannplatz, just 3 years later. When you enter their shop, it seems as if you have entered the time machine and travelled back to the 1950s; imagine waitresses in white and pink striped dresses, the old-school interior, and the fantastic classical ice-cream. Tichy is best known for its magnificent creation Eismarillenknödel, an ice-cream version of a traditional Austrian apricot dumpling pastry.

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia / Mister No

Eis Greissler, the newly invented ice-cream

If you are in a mood for unusual ice-cream varieties, then look no further than at Ei[s Greissler]( This tiny ice-cream parlour is located in the Rotenturmstraße, in Vienna’s city centre. However, be prepared for very long queues, because this ice-cream shop has been on high demand for the last few years in Vienna. Sometimes, lines can be 100m long, and it can feel like you have been waiting for ages to get your favourite ice-cream. You may ask yourself is it worth waiting? Well, my opinion is that it is. Where else you can have a taste of hemp, goat-cheese, or poppy seed ice cream? The secret of the popularity of this ice cream lies not only in the unusual varieties but in quality ingredients, that they are using to make it. The Eis Greissler uses only homemade organic milk, and all other ingredients are sourced locally and mostly organic, or with the Fair Trade certificate.

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia / Nuuuuuuuuuuul

Veganista, ice-cream without milk

Vienna is following the latest world’s trends even when it comes to ice-cream. The veganism as the philosophy and the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, especially in the diet, is widespread in Vienna. Two sisters, Cecilia Havmöller and Susanna Paller, both vegans since many years ago, have detected the demand for vegan ice-cream on the market and decided to open the ice-cream parlour in Vienna. All of their ice cream varieties are made from soy, rice, oat milk, or from a pure fruit sorbet. Some of the funky flavour combinations are strawberry peanut butter, oatmeal cinnamon, carrot cake, avocado coconut, and orange-olive saffron. Veganista has quickly gained popularity in Vienna because their ice cream tastes really good. They have proved that vegan ice cream is anything but bland and unimaginative. Meanwhile, there are 8 locations in Vienna and 1 in their native Burgenland.

Picture © Credits to iStock / Eddy Cai

Besides these four ice-cream parlours, in Vienna, there are many more high-quality ice-cream shops. The next time you visit the city make sure to check them out and why not with the beat of the song ice, ice baby. But be sure to check the opening times -  because some of them are opened only during the summer season.  

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