Griessmühle: Berlin Culture in Clubs outside Club Nights

Iz Elwood | Live the World

November 23, 2022

We knew about club nights outside clubs. Berlin takes it a step further with nights in clubs besides club nights. Old factory warehouse transformed club, Griessmühle wants to be seen as more than just a night child. From techno weekender every weekend to special events and culture happenings, watch out for Griessmühle for its own take on culture past eight.

Griessmühle opened its doors in 2012 and has since grown to become one of the Berlin raver’s favourite in town. Beyond memorable club nights, Griessmühle hosts special evening events such as cinema, vintage markets, ping-pong evenings, English comedy nights and vaudeville shows. Each year the Berlin club also organises a free open air event before the start of the summer.

The Nightclub

Club nights take place every Friday from 10pm to Saturday 10pm, non-stop (sometimes more). Programming touches on all of Berlin's favorite sounds—house, techno, disco, even a bit of UK bass.

Mobile Kino: Cinema

Mobile Kino creates pop-up cinema experiences which travels to unusual locations in and around Berlin. Every Wednesday there is a mobile kino cinema projection in the main room of the nightclub. Friendly staff, vintage popcorn machine and choice of drinks at the bar. Come in early to grab a foldable chair on the main floor. Late birds can always nest on upper benches on the balcony. The program includes movies such as "B-Movie: Lust and Sound in West Berlin” and “Der Himmel über Berlin - Wings of Desire”. There is no better place than a club for a proper sound system and a projection in a dark box!

All films are in original language with English subtitles. Check the Film programme here.

Pong Club (& DJ)

Sportclubs are boring. Come pong at the Nightclub. Shiny floors with high ceilings and DJs with black gold in their bags. Take your racket or borrow one at the bar. The germans call this a “Kreislauftherapie”. Take your therapy spot round the tables, from Pong to Kicker to Darts, Chess and Backgammon. LOVE, PEACE & PING PONG. Every Tuesday at 8pm (check the programme).

Mühlenmarkt: Trödel it your way

Every first Friday of the month it's market day at Griessmühle. Inside and out, use your bargain skills to snap some nice vintage clothes, designer jewellery, books, winter coats and homemade cookies. There is even a DJ playing funky tunes! It's by the community for the community. Every market is different and you are welcome to participate with your friends (It's just 15€ for a table). Of course, once you're in, you can hang around at the club after 10pm, when the market is finished

Pop-up Dinner: Futterei

A nice way to take your parents out to your favourite place ;-). Griessmühle's pop up dinner invites Traveling Chefs and Food Entrepreneurs every third Friday of the month. If you're out with a group of friends, come early to enjoy dinner and hang around the club after desert (you get in for free). It's Griessmühle's way to fill the club nicely when it opens.

Pop-up Dinner, Every third Friday of the Month, 15€ (3 course-meal). More Info & Reservation

Treehouses and Bonfire

Climbing wooden structures overlooking a bonfire, on cold winter mornings or summer evenings. A garden with a view. Golden leaves. Cristal water. When the club night is not to your taste or you just wanna take a break. Here you have it!

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