Gong Meditation in Hamburg

Paulina Kulczycki | Live the World

November 23, 2022

For those among you that are in seek for spirituality and personal growth while traveling, there’s one particular place in Hamburg that will undoubtedly enchant you! I’m talking about an absolute insider tip that is even unknown to the majority of locals. Sumann Spirit is a Himalayan salt room for sound healing – hidden in the back of an esoteric basement shop in the creative district Karoviertel. The room looks like a cave, surrounded by bricks of Himalayan salt, underlaid with warm light sources, sand on the floor, wooden benches all around covered with furs and a few big golden gongs on the wall. The extraordinary atmosphere of the so-called saltcafé is so peaceful and energetic at once that time seems to be standing still. And in this very magical place, you can familiarize yourself with sound healing, gong meditation, and sound massages. Try out this astonishing gong meditation in Hamburg for a spiritual journey and a beautiful experience, and you will surely not forget!

Photo © credits Simone Grunert

If you’re into spirituality, you might have already heard about gong meditation – but what is the science behind it? The meditative methods of sound healing are based on resonances and sound waves that invade deeply into the cellular level. After all, everything in the universe – energetically spoken – is made out of frequencies and vibrations. Thus, slight disharmonies in our body and mind can be rebalanced by sounds. Each gong meditation experience is unique and always perceived differently, depending on your state of mind, the intention you set and the sound journey you’ll be taken on by the meditation guide. In any case, the deep and vibrating sounds of a gong will take your meditation to a new level and can heal you not only mentally and emotionally from stress, but also physically from diseases and energetical blockades.

The gong meditation sessions are organized regularly on Fridays, last for about one and a half hours and cost 30 EUR per person. Before the meditation, you will get an introduction into the topic of sound healing, and you can serve yourself fresh alkaline water with mint and lemons. It’s actually essential to drink lots of water to hydrate your body and cells after a gong meditation since your cells are being completely detoxed and restructured (which takes a lot of energetical effort for the body, even if you don’t move throughout the meditation). The sessions are limited to six people, which provides a very intimate and calm ambiance. During the meditation, you might experience visions, symbolic dreams, a paralyzed feeling in your body, and even out of body experiences, or you might as well drift away and fall asleep. In any event, it’s surely going to bring you forward on your spiritual journey and personal growth.

Photo © credits: Simone Grunert

Get in tune with yourself in a place full of vibration and energy and try out the gong meditation in Hamburg.

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