Gold Shopping in Baku

Aydan Isayeva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Do you know the famous American writer Mark Twain who said:"It is better to have old second-hand diamonds than none at all"? It is definitely true if you visit Baku, the city of fashion jewellery. Here is a list of the best Baku addresses for gold, diamond, rubies, emeralds jewellery shopping.

Central Store of Baku

Central Store, located in the centre of Baku since 1961, has gained a great reputation not only in Azerbaijan but also as one of the largest trade centres in the Caucasus and Central Asia. This shopping centre has been a place for 50 years, both for the residents of the capital city and for the visitors who come to our county. Central Store - this is an open space, in the surroundings of the most fashionable assortment of Russian, Italian, Turkish, and Azerbaijan famous brands.

What to get in Central Store

Women can easily find for themselves exquisite earrings, all kinds of pendants with precious and semi precious inserts. The variety of rings, decorated with precious stones and pearls, will amaze and pleasantly surprise the lovers of exclusive jewellery. The assortment of gold products does not ignore the strong half of humanity as well. There are precious accessories for men here - rings, cufflinks, clips and ties for a tie, money clips made of gold with precious inserts etc..

Jewellery Shopping at Central Store Baku

Shop like true Baku locals at Moscow Store

Moscow Store provides high-quality goods to residents of Baku and to an endless stream of tourists from all over the world. The Moscow department store was built in 1983. The department store consists of 4 floors, first 2 of them is famous as a shopping of best quality gold and diamond jewellery. The main products of the store are jewellery made of yellow, white and red gold and silver with precious and semi precious stones. In addition, the product line includes products of religious themes, men's rings and jewellery watches. Finally, you can restore your jewellery in Moscow Store.

Jewellery shopping at Moscow Store Baku

Azerbaijan's Resm Jewellery

Resm, is the first Azerbaijan national Jewellery brand shop, which is located in 28 May street. "Resm" introduce the modern interpretation of ancient Azerbaijan ornaments. Its jewellery is not simply a luxurious accessory, but a matter of culture, traditions and national spirit of Azerbaijan. Unique products perfectly combine the colour range, richness, and colour of beautiful, mysterious ornaments. Two ancient types of national art combined the Azerbaijan brand - Resm. After all, the jewellery of the brand Resm are created on the basis of carpets motifs: symbols and signs embodying a wide range of ancient and later Islamic religious and cult representations. Each named item is accompanied by a passport, which tells the history and meaning of the ornaments on the basis of which the product was created. Today Resm offers several collections : "Nar", "Mahi", "Hulyavi Gushlar", "Gobustan", «Buta» and the largest collection of "Resm" - products with carpet ornaments.

Resm Jewellery in Baku

The Gold shopping experience in Baku gives you an opportunity to feel the long history of Azerbaijan design.

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