Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

All Game of Thrones fans were anxiously waiting for each season and each episode to be aired, but now the show has ended. How many breaths did they steal from us? We were reliving the destinies of each character just like our personal once. We loved those characters. We identified ourselves with some of them. A small confession - I am a huge Game of Thrones fan, and as every supporter, I always dreamed of taking a photo on that Iron Throne. Now when the show is over, surely we can talk about it, and luckily without disclosing the plot for the lucky ones who have not seen it yet but revealing the real filming locations. Welcome to Croatia and welcome to Dubrovnik and Split - let's discover real King's Landing and real Meereen

Dubrovnik as King's Landing

One of the most beautiful European cities and the most visited Croatian city, Dubrovnik, was the original scenery for King's Landing in the show. The place where all intrigues were created, where the Iron Throne is located and where the government of the Seven Kingdoms makes all the important decisions. Once you are in Dubrovnik, don't miss to walk down the baroque staircase since that is the exact place where the "shame scene" was shot. And if you want to admire Cersei's favourite view from the Red Keep, then go out of the old town and visit Fort Lovrijenac and feel just like a vicious queen.  While there, don't forget to visit Lokrum Island, since this beautiful island served as a set for the city of Qarth.

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Split as Daenerys' throne

Split is number two must-visit Game Of Thrones location in Croatia. The second-largest Croatian city is home to Diocletian's Palace - one of the most important Roman temples in Europe. In the show, this emperor's palace served as a throne to the self-proclaimed righteous queen - Daenerys Targaryen. All scenes connected to her throne were filmed here and additionally, even a dragon cell set was placed in this marvellous historical monument.

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Klis Fortress as Meereen

Klis is just a 20-minute-ride away from Split, and it is an important stop on every Game of Thrones tour. Remember the free city of Meereen with all the slaves breaking free for the first time of their life? Well, this is the place where it happened. Just like in the TV show, this castle has a huge historical importance. Visit the ruins of the Klis Fortress and rediscover your freedom, while remembering iconic scenes from the show, walking proudly between the historical buildings - just like the queen Daenerys.

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A bonus place - Iron Bank

Šibenik, the city of fortresses,** is very close to Split, and there was another Game of Thrones famous set located there. Fifty kilometers from real-life Meeren, you can find parts of Braavos, while still in Croatia. The St. James Cathedral in Šibenik is the place where all the Iron Bank** scenes were filmed.

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For all the Game of Thrones fans out there - hopefully, we've got you covered when visiting Croatia and touring the iconic Game of Thrones filming locations. Croatia has many things to offer to its visitors, but it's unlikely that any true Game of Thrones fan can resist exploring some of the real-life places of the Seven Kingdoms, especially as they are lined up on the coastline of the magnificent Adriatic Sea. Do not miss to walk around King's Landing, watch the sea from the Red Keep while sipping wine just like Cersei, or count money in the Iron Bank.

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