For Coffee Lovers: The Best Coffee Shops in Barcelona

Paulina Kulczycki | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The Spanish love to enjoy a good strong coffee – no matter if it’s an Americano in the morning before breakfast, a Café con Leche in the afternoon after their siesta or an Espresso at 10PM as a digestif after dinner. The coffee culture in Spain is huge – especially in the Hipster City Barcelona you’ll find a bunch of beautiful looking coffee shops and roasters that provide mostly South American coffee of the best quality. If you’re a coffee lover, like me, here is a list of my favourite and best coffee shops in Barcelona:

Espai Joliu (Poble Nou)

Espai Joliu is a dazzling plant concept store in the trending district Poble Nou and covers all the conditions of a stylish, hip café – the industrial inspired vintage furniture and the green plants all around create a super cosy vibe and the fast Wi-Fi makes it possible to work or study. But Espai Joliu does not only provide a charming atmosphere, but also high-quality coffee, that is simply a dream for all coffee lovers!

Syra Coffee (Grácia)

Syra Coffee is my all time favourite coffee shop in Barcelona! As I was living in Grácia and strolling through the endless amount of tiny alleys, I discovered a „good coffee here“ sign and gave it a try – since then I’ve been going there almost every day. Syra is a very small To-Go coffee shop with a minimal, but super cool interior design filled with bright wood, white tiles and small cactuses, a few artsy magazines and freshly made pastries. Their cafe con leche de avena (coffee with oat milk) for only €2 is incredibly smooth and delicious. Also the kind baristas are always open for a chat and create a very familial ambience!

Onna Coffee (Grácia)

Another cool and excellent coffee shop in Grácia is Onna Coffee – their coffee beans are mostly imported from Costa Rica, but roasted freshly in Barcelona which makes the coffee just delightful. Their coffee creations are also very diverse and original: In summer you can try cold brew, iced doppio, iced latte or the unique coffee tonic (iced coffee and tonic water).

Nømad Coffee Lab & Shop (El Born)

Local coffee lovers say that you get the best coffee in Barcelona right here, in Nømad Coffee Lab & Shop – this small laboratory of coffee heaven is a real gem within the central designer district El Born. One of the reasons why the coffee is so exceptionally good is their philosophy of serving seasonal and freshly harvested coffee beans. That also means that their menu changes every couple of months. Next to the Nømad Coffee Lab & Shop in El Born, there’s also the Nømad Every Day in El Raval and the Nømad Roaster’s Home in Poblenou.

Satan’s Coffee Corner (El Gótico)

First thing you see, when you walk into Satan’s Coffee Corner, is a chalk board saying „NO WIFI, NO DECAF“ – this polemic tone goes hand in hand with the philosophy of so-called third wave coffee shops. Satan’s Coffee Corner is one of the more iconic cafés in Barcelona, located in a hidden street in the otherwise touristy district El Barri Gótic. Nonetheless, it’s a very hip place, with a bouncer at the door, who’s making sure that the vibe of the coffee shop stays cool and not too overran by tourists. Satan’s Coffee Corner  is definitely worth a visit, but also not as small and charming as the other coffee shops.

After exploring this selection of the best coffee shops in Barcelona, you’ll surely experience the local coffee culture in a different light – a coffee lover’s paradise.

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