Find your harmony in the Zoo of Chisinau

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

I suppose you will agree with me about the fact that the zoo is one of the places that can bring you back to childhood. It can bring you harmony with nature and make your time spending peaceful. The Zoo of Chisinau has the same trays, however each year it becomes less popular. This happens due to the appearing of exotic zoos, where you can touch and play with animals. So, children ask their parents to bring them to those places. I disagree and hope that the Zoo in Chisinau will remain the main attraction of the country's fauna. Thus, let me guide you on an excursion to our local zoo!

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Mariancik94

The only national zoo in the country 

The Zoo of Chisinau was opened in 1978 in the southern part of the city. Being the only national zoo in our country, nowadays it includes a huge collection of different animals and species - about 1000 of them! They were brought from all over the world, including Antarctica. In the zoo, you can find such animals as lynx, llama, mouflon, lion, wolf, fox, tiger, bear and monkey. In addition, the golden pheasant, a polar owl, an eagle and a lot of others will be looking forward to impress your sight. Our zoo also has the exoterarium as well, where you could find the rich collection of exotic birds and snakes. However, for now, this territory is temporarily closed due to the lack of appropriate conditions. Beautiful swans, wild ducks and storks walk and swim in the pond of a small island in the center of the zoo. This picture should definitely be noticed in spring and summer because it looks like a fairytale. Actually, a lot of birds and many rare species of animals are protected and put in the Red Book of Moldova. This book tells about the extinct species and urges to protect and multiply them to keep Moldavian fauna. 

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Crissty90
Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Crissty90

Interesting attractions

Besides the huge open-air cages with hoofed animals such as a horned goat, a llama, a nilgau antelope, a "Bennett" kangaroo, a "Champman's" zebra and others, in our zoo you can have a lot of fun! A visit to the zoo will introduce you to the animal world of our planet and will open a lot of secrets of its most various inhabitants. During the weekends and public holidays, as well as during the school weekends, the Zoo of Chisinau makes huge festivities, organizes interesting exhibitions and conducts cool contests. In addition, students can get useful knowledge of zoology and ecology during the lectures. In the list of other attractions, you can find the horse and pony riding, taking photos with the animals and fascinating excursions. 

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Mariancik94

Entrance fee and other hints

The entrance fee to the Zoo of Chisinau is a bit different for each category of visitors. Children under seven years and people with disabilities can visit the zoo free of charge. Pupils, students and pensioners, pay 5 lei (about 0,4 euro). Other adults need to pay 30 lei (about 1,5 euro), in the summer season from April to October. During the winter season, from November to April - the price is 25 lei (about 1,3 euro). There are also additional services for visitors who want more. For example, an excursion will cost you 50 lei (about 2,5 euro). There are also possibilities of commercial shooting, and it costs 1000 lei (about 50 euro). However, if you are an amateur photographer, for you it is free of charge. The administrative staff gives visitors some hints before visiting the zoo. You should not use flashes when shooting animals, feed the animals or throw garbage on the zoo territory. The harmony can exist only if you respect the animals and the work of people who take care of the zoo. 

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