Fiera del Levante – innovation meets tradition in Bari

Sandra Marx | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Bari is the biggest city of Apulia and the capital of the south-Italian region. Besides its famous Focaccia barese, historical buildings, beautiful sea promenade and shopping options, Bari also offers great cultural activities. The most popular and widely-known location for exhibitions, fairs and shows of all kind in Bari, is La Fiera del Levante.

It is said to be one of the most important exhibition centers in Italy, as well as in the entire Mediterranean area. Throughout the year, Fiera del Levante hosts around 40 international shows, such as exhibitions, fairs, and seasonal events.

The place was built up in 1929 and the first exhibition ever has taken place the following year. The logo (the ship with open sails) was made by the futurist artist Thayaht. The area initially had 100 thousand m² but because of its popularity, it kept growing every year and it now has around 300 thousand m².

In 2018 even the President of Italy came to visit Fiera del Levante and open an event. 

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/111279subingnic

The intention of Fiera del Levante is to make art and culture accessible and relatable to the broad public. It is the perfect mix between “Economy and culture”- balancing between the traditional background of this area and the most advanced innovations. What makes it so special is often the mix of culture in one location: a traditional Indian clothes stall is next to a local Pugliese delicatessen, and to international contemporary art. 

The location promotes the meetings and builds connections among the exhibitors from central and south Italy, from southeast Europe and from the entire Mediterranean area. Over 5000 exhibitors and 2 million visitors visit it annually. Due to this popularity the location generates an average income of more than 150 million euro per year.

The exhibitors are varying but there are also many, who traditionally come back every year. Among frequent exhibitors are the "Planetario Sky Scan" and the world-famous Italian food supplier "Eataly".

Picture © Credits to iStock/LucaLorenzelli

In May 2019, Artebari will take place which is an exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art. In the first week of June, there will be Bgeek - a Festival dell'immaginazione (The festival of the Imagination).

Due to the great variation of exhibitions there will always be something for everybody! 

Title Picture © Credits to iStock/Jana_Janina

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