Exploring glass making in Murano

Vy Tran | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Murano may not be as beautiful as Burano but it is still worth visiting for its tradition of glass making, good food, and relaxing vibe. The Murano Glass Museum is especially eyeopening as it contains a remarkable collection of intricate glass products.

Sometimes while wandering in Murano, you will find amazing glass artworks such as the beautiful blue piece in the picture above. My cousin and I were mesmerized by the striking blue color shining under the sunshine. The artwork reminded me of the sea waves in Venice. Glass making is not only a craft but also an art in itself.

Our visit to the Glass Museum made us appreciate the tradition of glass making even more. The museum was housed in a historical building called Palazzo Giustiniani and exhibited important works from the 15th to the 20th centuries. Some of my favorite things to see were the elaborate chandeliers, the centerpiece designed like an Italian garden, and the imitating glasses. At the beginning of our visit, we saw a visit introducing different processes of glassmaking,* *which was really fascinating.

We had lunch on in an off the beaten track area on Murano. It was a great idea because we found an authentic restaurant which served good food at a reasonable price. The name of the place was La Perla ai Bisatei (closed on Wednesdays). The seafood pasta dishes were delicious, and it was only 9 euros per dish. I especially enjoyed the freshly made bread. After lunch, we went shopping for glass earrings and made our way to the colorful island Burano.

Insider's tips

Finally, I have a tip for you if you have plenty of time in Venice - that is to buy a Venice pass for public transport and make the most out of it by visiting as many Venice Lagoon Islands as possible - some of them are Murano, Burano, Torcello, and San Michele. My personal favorite is the island Burano, which is full of colorful houses. If you still want more insights on where to find off-the-beaten-path experiences in Venice, check out our editor Joe Thrope's story: "A different side of Venice" and my story "The best panoramic view of Venice".

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