Explore the underground of Central Slovakia: 3 spectacular caves

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Slovakia has a beautiful and diverse underworld. There are some places where nature was very creative and designed the most unusual shapes and objects. There are numerous caves all over the country and many of them are open to the public. Explore the underground of Central Slovakia, in these 3 spectacular caves that you must see with your own eyes.

Ochtinská Aragonitová Jaskyňa

Ochtinská Aragonitová Jaskyňa is located near the town of Rožnava. This aragonite cave is extraordinary and definitely a must-see in Slovakia. Also, it is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Aragonite caves are very rare; there are only 3 discovered aragonite caves in the world - in Slovakia, Spain, and the United States! Aragonite in the cave is a natural phenomenon that reminds of crystal needles. The main attraction in Ochtinská Aragonitová Jaskyňa is definitely the Milky Way Hall, where aragonite objects resemble stars of our galaxy. The air temperature in the cave reaches 7.2 to 7.8 °C, with humidity up to 97%. The tour takes about 30 minutes.

© Wikimedia/Jojo

Važecká Jaskyňa

Važecká Jaskyňa is also very popular in the region. Due to its length, it is one of the shortest accessible caves, it is known for its rich decoration, remarkable findings of cave bear bones, as well as other rare fauna. Most of the natural objects are made from snow-white sinter. Because of the found bones, we know that this cave was once inhabited by bears, making Važecká Jaskyňa one of the bio-speleological sites of international importance. Cave findings suggest that bears stayed there all year long and ate mostly berries. The duration of the tour is about 25 minutes, and the cave temperature is around 7 ° C. This cave can be interesting for both kids and adults.

© Flick/govisity.com

Demänovská Jaskyňa

Demänovská Jaskyňa is located in the Low Tatras mountain range. It is an ice and karst cave with a permanent ice filling, bizarre and massive shapes in the underground, rare cave fauna and an interesting tale. Beautiful ice pools are also specific for this cave. It is opened to the public since 1924, which makes it one of the oldest accessible caves and also one of the most visited ones in Slovakia. Tour takes about 45 minutes, and visitors are expected to walk around 800 meters. The temperature in the cave varies from  0.4 to  3 C during the summer months, which makes it also one of the coldest caves in Slovakia. Pack your scarf and gloves; it is freezing down there!

© Flickr/Michal Kosacky

There is something mysterious and beautiful about exploring the underground of Slovakia. Caves like those mentioned above are the real evidence that nature can be the best artist. If you are amazed by these 3 spectacular caves in Central Slovakia, you can check out also equally breathtaking caves in Eastern Slovakia.

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