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May 29, 2024

Travel to Samos, Greece, one of the most beautiful islands in the Eastern Aegean Sea, ideal for a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway in the great outdoors. You may find everything from little fishing towns to world-famous beaches and historic sites along this out-of-the-beaten-track yet a cosmopolitan island. Go island hopping, or even take a boat to Turkey. Keep reading to find out the best attractions and things to do in Samos for a memorable holiday. Off we go.

Samos Town & Port

Samos Town (sometimes called Vathy or Vathi) was founded in 1832 in a secluded cove on the island's northeast shore. Modern concrete dwellings border the coast and the hills overlooking the sea, while magnificent Neoclassical mansions line the harbour's horseshoe shape. Many of these now have waterside cafés and restaurants on their lower levels. Walk around the quaint cafeterias and take in the relaxing ambience that travels you back in time. This is also where you may catch the ferries from and to the port of Piraeus in Athens. 

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Kokkari Village & Beach

Kokkari, a little fishing town, is almost too picturesque to describe. Located on the northern coast, about 10 kilometres from Samos Town, the colourful resort town was formerly a fishing community. Today, its narrow quaysides are dotted with cafés and taverns with outdoor seating areas. The gorgeous blue ocean and lengthy pebble beach make it a favourite among windsurfers. The eight-kilometre walking circle between Kokkari and the imposing mountain town of Vourliotes is not to be missed, especially if you want to get some fitness action. It winds through picturesque olive orchards, so you won't even mind the ascent on the way back.

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Pythagorion Village & Port

Located on the island's southern shore, Pythagorion was once called Tigani until 1955, when it was renamed in honour of Pythagoras, who was born there. Samos was a great maritime and mercantile state in the sixth century BC, and its old port, built around a protected bay, is now crowded with fishing boats and sleek yachts. What's best is that the whole area is overlooked by picturesque cafés and fresh seafood tavernas.

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Temple of Hera

The Heraion, also known as the Temple of Hera, can be found eight kilometres west of Pythagorion and is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. From the 9th century BC onwards, a series of temples were constructed on this site, the largest of which spans around 45 meters by 80 meters and is supported by at least 100 columns. Architectural details, such as ionic capitals, cornice stones, and a group of headless votive figures, are dotted across the site, accompanied by explanatory signage. In addition to the Pythagorion and the ruins of ancient Samos's capital city, this temple is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Samos Archaeological Museum

This museum exhibits artefacts from the Heraion and is housed in the historical residence of the Prince of Samos. The main hall was extended specifically for the most magnificent find, a 4.8-meter-tall marble figure of an Archaic kouros from the sixth century BC (athletic young man). The figure might have been a votive offering along the Sacred Way. The torso was discovered in 1980, the knee in 1912, and the head (70 cm tall) in 1984. In addition to works of art from the Hellenistic and Roman periods, there is antique, ivory and bronze pottery on display.

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Samos Wine Museum

The 19th-century stone museum building is an exhibit in itself. It was a private winery before becoming a storage and barrel-making facility. The wine museum opened in 2005 after a 2000 restoration, and since then, it has showcased Samos wine artefacts. These include old photos and production records, vineyards, harvesting presses, cellars, collectable bottles, barrel-making instruments, ancient winemaking apparatus, awards and distinctions. At the end of your visit, sample flavourful wines or shop at the museum's wine store for local goods.

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Whether you are looking for a peaceful island for leisure and relaxation, or an alternative place full of history and marvellous artefacts, you will find it here. Samos, with its attractions and things to do, is an island that will steal your heart and offer you a holiday you will treasure for life. So stay tuned to uncover Samos best virgin & organised beaches. Cheers!

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