Ethno village ‘’Montenegro’’ – a different approach to tourism

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The ethno tourism in our country was, for the first time, introduced in 2006 with the Ethno village Montenegro. Immediately at the beginning, with their different approach to tourism, they set a high standard for all other ethno villages that developed later on. With their authentic national cuisine, interesting contents and constant improvements, they attract countless foreign visitors as well as locals. The Ethno village ''Montenegro'' is situated in the Piva Region, and it is close to many attractions around Durmitor National Park.

Rustic interior in small stone cottages

The Ethno village ''Montenegro'' has great capacities and offers several different types of accommodation, though all of them are made out of stone or wood, or a combination of both. The interior is rustic, decorated with comfortable old armchairs, and a fireplace that creates a pleasant atmosphere during winter and enables you to truly enjoy your stay. However, summers are as wonderful as winters in this ethno village. During hot days, you can enjoy while swimming in the pool, spending your night in the sauna, and just before you go to sleep you can sit in front of your cottage and enjoy the wonderfully clear starry sky.

Since this village is situated in an old family property, the oldest house dates from 1932. It is a perfect place for dinner time, when under the light of candles and with a gentle sound of an acoustic guitar, you can have a delicious national dish with a glass of domestic rakia or wine.

Things to see and do

The owners of this charming place did their best to ensure that each person finds interesting the content for themselves. And honestly, there are so many things to see and do here. They have created small, cute museums, a playground for children and mountain paths. The thing that differentiates them from all other ethno villages is the increasing number of engagement proposals, as they have their own ‘’crazy stone’’.

As for the museums, the one I find the most interesting is the Cheese Museum where you can learn about the whole process of making cheese, kajmak and yoghurt. Only then, you will really appreciate domestic food and its flavor. Apart from it, what visitors like the most are: the Wool Museum - as in this region the wool is often used for making clothes since it warms you during the cold winter days and nights, the Strip Museum, the Museum of Music and the Cat House where dozens of cats have their kingdom.

An unique competition

Throughout the year, many events are going on here. However, in Montenegro, the village became popular after organizing* *the competition in lying down - inspired by the prejudice that Montenegrin people are the laziest people ever. Everything started seven years ago when the owner got an idea to make a competition in order to discover who is the laziest person. Since then, the competition is organized every year in September. People have an amazing time, and the most persistent in doing nothing earns a valuable prize.

With a wonderful view, sensational food, as well as helpful and friendly staff and owners, the ethno village ''Montenegro'' is the right choice for everyone. Even those of you who have traveled all around the world will appreciate the magnificent beauty of this place which from the very beginning had a different approach to tourism.

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